Statement of Th. Muivah on Sovereignty and Integration

General Secretary


Sovereignty and Integration’

At no stage of time did the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) intentionally or consciously give up the outstanding issues of Naga sovereignty and the aspiration of the Nagas to live together as one people through integration of all the contiguous Naga areas. These issues are the inherent rights of the Naga people.

In the recent past concocted rumours emerged blaming the NSCN for betraying the Naga people stand on sovereignty and integration. Is it sheer jealousy or ignorance of the rumourmongers? We the NSCN on our part are very clear about the historical rights of the Naga people. There is whatsoever no ambiguity on our position on the two inalienable rights of the Naga people.

But for better understanding we should know how negotiation started. The Nagas and India had fought an extended war that is reaching almost a century now. While upholding the National political rights of the Naga people thousands sacrificed their lives but unfortunately in 1975 the Shillong Accord was signed by some members in the Naga National Council (NNC) as “Naga underground” which was totally against the rights and decision of the Naga people. The Accord was subsequently condemned as it was an act of complete sell-out of the Naga National rights.

Soon after, the NSCN emerged as the forerunner for the sovereign rights of the Nagas. We stood up in the spirit of do or die. The organization never wavered but stood steadfast for the truth and national cause. After few decades of fierce fighting with India and her armed forces the political leadership and the Generals of India realized the futility of crushing the Nagas by military force. The Indian leadership came to recognize that, “Military solution is not possible, it is political issue, and therefore, India must seek political solution”. We can say that it was the most significant realization of India’s political leaders and Generals to understand that the reality of the Naga people and their history.

It was this change of attitude in the Indian leadership that made the Nagas to appreciate the significance change and therefore, they agreed to seek political solution to the Indo-Naga issue on the negotiation table. In the course of the political negotiation the Government of India (GoI) has also officially agreed with the fact that Naga history is unique and significantly, they say that solution will have to be worked out-basing on the recognized “Unique, history and situation of the Nagas”– Hence, the Indo-Naga issue naturally became a matter of negotiation. The truth of the above facts no one can certainly deny.

As such in a political negotiation no party can expect cent-per-cent victory. Political negotiation is a process of give and take between two entities or parties and we are moving forward positively. No doubt it has taken much time.

We have reasons to believe that both the parties are on the course of a win-win ground although the political talk is still in the process. In fact, in all the stages of the negotiation we have not given up the most important issues including the sovereign rights and Integration of all the Naga areas that was divided by the colonial powers without the free and informed consent of the Nagas’.

We are quiet amused as to why these two important issues have become a contentious subject. We have not endangered the Naga people aspiration on sovereignty and integration and neither will we in the days to come.

We therefore want to inform the Naga people and all others that the GoI and the Nagas represented by the NSCN are-in the process of working out an honourable political solution acceptable to both. We also reiterate our commitment that we shall come back to the Naga people for consultation on all important matters when the time comes to decide the final political agreement with the GoI.



(Th. Muivah)

General Secretary.

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  1. i ve some formula in mah mind to solve the naga political issue. The negotiation is taking so much time coz the goi appointed officer like r.n ravi doesnt have that political will as like the home ministry of india.

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