Press Statement

Dated: Oking, 23rd January, 2015.  

NSCN rebuttal to P.B Acharya Governor of Nagaland and N.K Singh CFMG irresponsible statements. Taking note of the press reportage from Nagaland post dated: 21st January, 2015 where the Governor of India’s created Nagaland State P.B Acharya reported statement in one of the seminar organised by Assam Rifle in Kohima, (Quote) “Naga political problem was an obstacle to developmental activities, industrial growth and education system in the state”. (Again quote) “How the problem could be solved with so many of groups. Though everyone wants solution to the Naga political problems no one could spell out what kind of solution they wanted even after almost 18 years of cease fire agreements”. (Unquote) It is regrettable that, the head of India’s created Nagaland state is less informed about the twist and turns of events in the struggle for Nagas right to self determination. Since the creation of the Union of India in 1947, Nagas have been bullied and humiliated by the successive leadership of the Government of India (GoI). Politically, India has tried every means to bury the rights of the Nagas, economically, India had successfully created a class society of “the have and the have not” by pouring in un-audited amounts of money destroying the egalitarian Naga society. Knowing that geographically, a united Nagas will be impossible for the colonialist India to rule over them had without the consent of the Nagas divided our land and people under different administration. Since then the clarion call for the integration of all the Naga territories under a single umbrella by every Naga civil societies and Naga political parties has been brutally suppressed and turned down under different pretexts. The mute question therefore is who created factionalism in Naga national movement? The answer lies in who will gain the most when the land of the Nagas and her people are scattered amongst her neighbour and when they are made to kill each other. NSCN has never discouraged development in any Naga areas unless it is related to unfair exploration and exploitation of our natural resources. We will be hence delighted if more university, medical and other professional institutions are established in Naga areas. These we believe are the job of the Governor P.B. Acharya being the Chancellor of Nagaland University. NSCN also wish to remind the Governor that, despite many shortcomings,, the Nagas are very clear about our political vision which on 10 January 1929 much before the formation of India, Nagas had clearly stated our stand in the memorandum submitted to the Simon Commission. Also under the leadership of A.Z Phizo, NNC had vividly pointed out Nagas political position and on 16th May 1951 Naga plebiscite was conducted were 99.9 % voted in favour of Naga Independence. The GoI realising the futility of war with the Nagas had embarked on political negotiation since 1997 with the NSCN at the highest level. Thus in 11 July, 2002 a joint communiqué on the “Unique history and situation of the Nagas” was signed in Amsterdam. Basing on the agreed principle, currently NSCN under the leadership of Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah have held more than 80 rounds of talk with the GoI reiterating the indelible political and natural rights of the Nagas wherein the sincerity of the GoI and the political will to solve the longest freedom movement in south East Asia is yet to be proven. Honourable, Governor is requested to be more proactive and use his office in bringing more development that will genuinely help the Nagas. Also to expedite the peace process, the Governor is expected to play a more positive role in bringing about permanent solution to the vexed Indo-Naga political issue. Another expected observation and conclusion being reported in Nagaland Post comes from Lt. Gen. NK. Singh, the present Chairman of Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG) whose one sided opinion is not new to the Nagas anymore. The man seems to be more interested in taxation than monitoring cease fire. It would be better if he remain loyal to what is assigned to him and not meddle with other subjects which he is not responsible. It is very clear that whatever taxation that NSCN levy in Nagalim is illegal and thus extortion to him. But we say, it is our sovereign right to collect taxes in our land. Just as it is our bounden duty to protect and fight for our rights, it is also our duty to govern ourselves without any unwelcome interference from the external forces. Kuknalim. MIP-NSCN/GPRN

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