Press Statement

Oking: 4-8-2014

 The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) has taken a very serious view with the statement of Lt. Gen.( Rtd.) NK. Singh, Chairman, Cease fire Monitoring Group (CFMG), Mr Okram Ibobi Singh and Mr Gaikhangam respectively, the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of the present Manipur state, that, there is no cease-fire in Manipur. They have gone to the extent of superseding all the past commitments of the Government of India ( GoI) and its Prime Ministers.

 It has come as big surprise to the NSCN who had steadfastly honored the cease-fire with the GoI for the past 17 years. We have been patient under extreme provocation from the Government of Manipur (GoM). The GoM have taken undue advantage of our patience and acted treacherously violating the cease-fire. We consider their act of aggression a deliberate attempt to derail the Indo-Naga peace process.

We want to know why the GoI is maintaining complete silence instead of the fact that it is holding political dialogue with the NSCN. Whenever the Meities create problems in the present state of Manipur the GoI always sided with the GoM despite cease-fire agreement between the NSCN and GoI. This has deeply hurt the conscience of the Nagas beyond word. We conclude this to be a treacherous standard of GoI of pulling the carpet from underneath after the Nagas have sufficiently demonstrated patience since 1997.

We want to make it sufficiently clear that the NSCN will not remain a mute spectator and its patience should not be taken as a sign of weakness. The option for the Nagas is no longer a matter of choice but to respond appropriately even at the cost of the current peace process because the GoI leadership has maintained a thundering silence after the provocative statements through NK. Singh, Okram Ibobi Singh and Gaikhangam.

The current cease-fire is with the GoI and we the NSCN have honored it and we will honor it till the last. However, the Nagas wonder if the GoI will reciprocate positively and decide to have a permanent and lasting peace or choose to support some temporary quick fixes, no matter the enormity of the Indo-Naga issue.

We are constrained to state the grim fact that the best opportunity towards lasting peace is being jeopardized because of the indirect and calculated imposition of its will by using the likes of Mr. NK. Singh, Mr. Ibobi Singh or Mr. Gaikhangam. Henceforth the Naga people cannot remain passive anymore but compel to take up steps against the Ibobi’s Manipur government and its forces in order to defend the inherent rights and identity of the Nagas.

The NSCN questions the GoI’s stand on this issue as to whether such irresponsible statements and actions have the official sanction. This matter must be clarified immediately which otherwise will lead to serious confrontation between our forces and the GOI in those areas which according to NK. Singh there is “no ceasefire”.  The NSCN cannot be held responsible if the situation goes out of hand.




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