Welcome speech of Rh. Raising

Rh. Raising

Kilo Kilonser
I, on behalf of the home authorities, workers of both civil and military set-ups, ladies and gentlemen gathered here welcome His Excellency, Yaruiwo Isak Chishi Swu and his lady wife, honorable Ato Kilonser Th. Muivah and his lady wife and their entourage.

You left this Council Headquarters for Delhi with a message from our people and National Socialist Council of Nagalim to the Government of India. And our people hope that you have come back today with a good news from the Government of India.

As the preacher says there is a time for war and a time for peace so also Nagas had a tough time for confrontation and now a good time for negotiations with the Government of India. But how long we will keep on talking with the Government of India? Time factor counts in everything. Our people want to see solution that brings a new era. They are now looking forward for the leadership who begins construction in all fields. They have a big hope and trust in your leadership on this count too.

There are people among the Nagas who advocated for peace when there was fighting and people who advocate fighting when there is peace. There is also another class of people who pleads for solution at one go. These people love parroting on the roof top on principle. In fact, they do not care about how that principle is to be concretized. I hope our collective leadership is fully aware of all these facts.

We are surrounded by hostile elements who have been trying to pull back the wheel of history but realizing the reality that NSCN is the only standard bearer, many of them have joined forces with the NSCN. So also Nagas from all walks of life look up to the collective leadership of NSCN for solution as well as reconciliation and unity among the Nagas. We believe that the Nagas can surely surmount all these hurdles and board on the ship of the 21st century under your leadership.

Once again we welcome you and thank God for your safe journey back home.

I wish you a
very pleasant stay.

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