Welcome speech of Gen. (Rtd) VS Atem upon the arrival of Ato kilonser, Th. Muivah

Welcome speech of Gen. (Rtd) VS Atem upon the arrival of Ato kilonser, Th. Muivah
Most honorable, Ato Kilonser, His Lady wife and the entire entourage, It is a great honor and blessing for the Nagas, especially every rank and file of the NSCN to meet you once again in our own land. We thank God for his unending love and support bestowed upon you throughout the thick and thin.
I believe the smell of our soil might have already rejuvenated your health from that tiresome journey. I on behalf of your people once again express our profound joy and delight upon your arrival.
On this auspicious day, we once again wish to submit the aspiration of your people that, we are confident and our great hope continue to support your leadership and wisdom as the chief negotiator of the peace process. No matter how long the struggle prolong, no matter how far the Government of India drags our sovereign rights, we will steadfastly struggle and we will persist to firmly stand on our rights and support your leadership.
Allow me to express once again that, by your home coming, every cadres of the NSCN have raised their expectation towards big change; to re-vitalize and to strengthen the whole set-up of our organization as we are the only way to the future and that each passing day we had amassed more responsibility and accountability towards our Naga people then ever before. The people desire quality over quantity, result based vision over a mere rhetoric, efficiency over complacency and the people want a quick justice from all the injustice.
Corruption and inefficiency have also blemished our face and its arrogances has penetrated deep inside our society- they need an urgent healing and for that we need your sound guidance and formula to eradicate all these diseases.
We are also happy to inform you that, reconciliation among all the Naga nationalist groups is in the process under the banner of FNR and that no matter how provocative and menacing the other groups has confronted us in all these time, we have always stood by our principle and our commitments towards the Covenants of Reconciliation (COR) again remain resolute.
However, it is the feeling of every NSCN cadres that the highest level meeting of all the groups should be taken up at the earliest and that, every now and then, lame excuses made by other groups should not be tolerated for too long at the cost and peril of our National goal.
I once again thank you for coming home and thank Jehovah for this momentous period where the physical presence of both our Excellency could be made possible at this critical juncture. May the Almighty God shower his abundant wisdom and good health throughout your stay and eternally.


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