Dear fellow workers, dignitaries, ladies and gentlemen.

At the very outset, I give my revolutionary salute to those departed comrades who had given their all to pay the price of our freedom.
I also praise and exalt all revolutionary patriots in the front for their valor in the battle and tireless work for the cause of liberation of our people from all kinds of bondages.
I pay homage to our people, civil societies, the Church and friends of the Nagas who stood with us in our most trying circumstances. You are the foundation of our politics and ultimate goal of our divine mission.
Kingdom rises and falls; Empire rises and falls, but nation stays. Thousands of people may be killed, towns and cities may be destroyed, but nation can never be murdered by any power because nation is an indestructible natural identity. Naga nation existed, it exists and it will exist. We do not believe India can kill the Naga nation. It is so because Naga nation is deeply rooted on the rock of divine will.
Generation comes and goes, organization comes and goes and leadership comes and goes, but the principle on which they stand never dies. History knows NNC was the standard bearer till the signing of the Shillong Accord, an accord that betrays the principle. Man may grow old or die but the principle never grows old or dies. Man may waver or desert from the battle but the principle never does. It is not changed or subject to change. We value the principle above everything else because the future of the Nagas both the present and the coming generations lies in there. Therefore, the revolutionary patriots in the forefront and the Naga people condemned the Accord as a total sell-out of the national rights. They were determined never to let the future of the Nagas to be buried in the grave of the Accord. Thank God NSCN was founded solidly on the National principles and more clearly oriented in the right time towards the proud vision. The new organization was later approved and mandated by the National Hoho on this Day the 31st Jan.1980. The revolutionary patriots with massive support of the people, under the guidance of our great Jehovah, could successfully prove in their time as the only force that was /is more formidable and invincible than ever before. Thus, NSCN picked up the National flag from the failure of NNC and lifted it high till date. This is a reality.
The scripture says, “When the foundations are being destroyed what the righteous can do?”We cannot think of a Nation-state apart from foundations. We do not see the meaning of revolution, peace, unity or solution apart from foundation. What do we have in our hand if and when our foundations are destroyed? To us, any political step for unity, peace or agreement that betrays the principle is no solution at all. That kind of political venture is nothing but chasing rainbows. NSCN reiterates its stand that it is for principle-based unity, peace and solution and that should not be interpreted for rigidity and autocracy. We stood our ground when we were pushed to armed confrontations for decades. We have stood our ground during these twelve years of negotiation too. And we will continue to do so in future. As mandated by the people NSCN has been faithful to the cause thus far and it will stay the course even if the storm rocks the boat in days to come. We will never betray our God and our people. We believe with God’s grace we will win the race.
The logic of participation of all groups in the Talks is anti-thesis of the current peace process being held at the Prime Ministerial level between the Government of India (GOI) and NSCN as two entities. It is another form of ‘unity first, negotiation next’ as propagated by the adversaries of the Naga people. The political motive of such step is not far to seek. Participation of other non-mandated group in the talks for settlement of the issue under the axis of Home Ministry of India will only dilute what have been achieved in the Talks at the Prime Ministerial level. Unity or reconciliation among the Naga groups is domestic matter and as such it should be settled among the Nagas ourselves alone. On that count, we have given our commitment to the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), which has made a landmark in making a covenant of hope based on the historical and political realities of the Nagas. The current peace process between the Government of India (GOI) and NSCN at the Prime Ministerial level is highly national and political. We hope and trust that rational Nagas would advocate for the issue rather than for divisive interest. We should value the issue above everything else and it should not be held ransom for pleasing groups with vested interests.
Whether it pleases India or not, whether one likes it or not, Naga integration is not a choice, it is a necessity. And that any attempt to pull back the wheels of such historic forward march is a crime against the Nation. The Nagas have been divided too long. Now is the era of liberation of suppressed peoples and nations like the Nagas. Nagas are one and must be under one political roof. And there is absolutely no other option.
Whatever might be the situation every one of us must know there is a solution to every problem and that could be realized but when one stands his ground? Solution honourable and acceptable to both is inevitable as long as we resolutely resist imposition of a monster’s logic on us. Small nations exist everywhere side by side with the bigger ones because they know that their right to determine their fate is above all inalienable. They also know that without their right to decide their future, they have nothing. The people who have no faith in themselves are most unfortunate, nay they are perished before their time comes. Truly, people who could stand for their rights alone deserve to be free. They are the proud people. It is time once again for the Nagas to dispel doubts and fears. We have to hold fast to what is ours and that’s the way towards our survival. Yes, that is proved and the past is clear in that every high claim made by the Indian leadership was foiled despite all-out exertion of their military might. The search for political solution is also now held up due to inherent lack of will and sincerity in themselves. Are not these points’ facts of the past and the present? Where is then the reason for the Nagas to fear India? Allow me to reason with you further as the harder nut that remains for us to crack is how we could be sure of the better in the days to come. To make it, we have to see that our approach to problems is realistic under all circumstances. We need to get down to actual condition and make ourselves objective first. Repetition of making mistakes on account of over or under estimation of both the adversary and us must always be checked if the initiative to deal with the situation between us is to be retained in our hand. These are practical necessities for the success of revolution of any nature. Are we sufficiently aware of all these? These are not to be treated as mere matters of expediency; they are decisive for successful outcome of any confrontation.
But, for all our claims and justifications, it is foreseen that solution is not feasible apart from God’s blessing, because He works to fulfill His will in all things of His creation. He wants Nagas to be humble to Him and be committed to His purpose. He also wants us to be Holy for He is Holy. He knows Nagas would not be a nation that would serve to glorify His name if things are allowed to go at the present rate. Our sins are mounting but without the realization in us that those sins would harm us and the nation most right from the foundation. How long are we to wait for that danger of self-destruction to overtake us? Indeed, there is degeneration in our society. The fear of the Lord is no more considered as the foundation. Voices of praise and gratitude to God for what He has done for the nation in our perilous years are not heard now in many places of our homeland. We the Nagas with the NSCN in the main have really hurt the Lord. It is too painful to think of how soon we have betrayed our Saviour. It is too much that we have gone so far away. Yet He knows where we would be without Him! His grace endures and I hear Him still calling one and all to come back to His saving grace. It is His joy to receive the repented, and that joy of the Lord shall be our strength again. How great it will be! Therefore, let us be resolved now to do His will for Nagalim. There alone is the freedom and salvation.



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