Speech of his Excellency, Mr. Isak Chishi Swu on 33rd Republic Day Celebration

Praise the Lord,       Praise the Lord,              Praise the Lord!

My dear Countrymen,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Thirty two years ago on this historic day, the 21st March 1980, reaffirming the national decision and basing on our social values and culture, we, in the name of the Almighty God, declared that our Nation would be a Sovereign Independent  Christian Socialist Democratic Republic. During this long period of our struggle we have passed through many ups and downs and come thus far through His Grace. And that we shall ever give thanks and praise God the author of all nations.

My warmest greetings and prayers to all the national workers in different places, and my respect and salute to all those brothers and sisters who have laid down their lives for the cause of the Naga Nation. May their souls rest in peace.

NSCN is now entering 15 years of negotiation with the Government of India at the highest level. Both the parties are determined to work out an acceptable solution based on the unique history and situation of the Nagas and an interdependent relationship. I believe a time will come when the Nagas view the Indians as their big potential partner, not as their enemy. A time will come when they cooperate and coordinate with each other, but no longer confront each other. And I believe the day is not far off. However the reality is that we cannot wait for the past leadership to come back and lead the nation. We don’t have to wait for any big power to rescue and liberate us. We don’t have to blame heaven and earth for our failures. We, the present generation of both young and old in general and the NSCN in particular are the prime factors. The NSCN and Naga people must sail together against all odds and therefore all those who go against this reality are the road blocks in Naga politics.

The Forum for Naga Reconciliation has done a tremendous work during the past four years. The zeal of the FNR, the sentiment of the Naga people, prayer support of the churches and the step forward by the three political groups are quite commendable. However it will not be an easy road.

Let me remind you that seeking peace without resolving the conflict is deceptive and negative. It would be like planting landmines for the future generations. Our future generations will become the victims of that deceptive peace if we are to seek that kind of peace today.

My special thanks and appreciation goes to all the local and International organizations who have ceaselessly supported the cause of our Nation. It’s only through their help and supports that we have reached the present stage of Naga history. We look forward for their continuous support.

We appreciate the steps taken by the GoI especially in recognizing the “Uniqueness of Naga History” and the efforts put toward finding the way to a permanent settlement acceptable to both sides. We understand the difficulty of the GoI and we are sure that the GoI too understands our position. I hope that the GoI understands the reality that Naga Nation is not their gift to us, it is a natural entity to be recognized.

At this juncture every Naga citizen needs to understand that it is the common duty of all to work together as one towards the achievement of our goal. Today our women constitute fifty percent of our population. There is enough room for Naga women in every field to participate on their own accord for the noble cause of our national liberation.

Our journey for freedom is a tough historical task, but not unattainable. We have come this far and we are ready to go as far as it takes. It is the time to stand together as one, not the time to divide. It is the time to realize our mistakes but not to accuse each other. The right given to us by our Almighty God which we hold so dear cannot be compromised on account of our inabilities and weaknesses, for we are to be held accountable for everything. Have faith in God and stand strong.

May God bless you all!











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