Agony Day Speech of the Hon’ble Kilo Kilonser, Rh. Raising

27th September, 2011, Council Headquarters, Hebron

            We understand that all of us are born for a mission to accomplish, not to abort it. Like it or not, we have a war to fight, a song to sing and a life to give but, for a good cause. Those departed brothers and sisters have given their everything for the good cause. They die in the line of duty while defending our land, our culture, our history and our future.

King Herod was furious on hearing the news of the birth of Jesus, the long awaited prophesised King. It was because Herod felt threatened on the one hand and he wanted to cling to his position on the other. He therefore, passed a decree to wipe out all the male child from 2 years old and below without any compunction.

In another story we find Saul of old was anointed by the Lord to be the king of Israel but the crown of king was taken away from him on account of his disobedience to God and given it to David, a man after His own heart. Realising that he had been rejected by the Lord, Saul was desperate and furious. So he attempted upon the life of David a number of time because he never wanted to step down from power.


No one disputes that Naga National Council (NNC) was mandated by the people and recognized by many countries overtly or covertly. But it had fallen from the grace the day ‘The Shillong Accord’ was signed. Consequent upon betrayal of the Naga national trust, NNC had been derecognised.


Ours is a national survival politics. The Nagas have been looking for their national future and they know for sure that their future is not in the grave of the Shillong Accord. Therefore, they refused to be buried with NNC. NNC was there for the Nagas and not vice versa.

Thus, compelled by such circumstances, the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) was formed and it was mandated by the national assembly. NSCN is a recognised entity and no one should doubt about it. Let everyone knows that it is the principle-based organisation of the Nagas.


In 1974, while Alee command was on its way, the Holy Spirit revealed of the change of leadership referring Hebrew 7:12. We believe that revelation was fulfilled in 1980. NNC people were disturbed, jealous, desperate and furious on hearing the formation of NSCN. They were, therefore, determined to destroy NSCN by any means.

On 27th September 1980, the Shillong Accordist NNC, in their major offensive campaign attacked our Naga Army operation party camp at Langnok where about a hundred national workers were killed. It was a joint military operation of India, Burma and NNC people. A score of Naga Army personnel was also arrested and executed. It is an undeniable fact.

In another tragic event, Mr. S.S Khaplang in connivance with the enemies staged an abortive coup attempt in 1988 where about two hundred national workers were massacred on fabricated grounds. Many more others were also killed. Indeed, enemies have come in our land from many prongs in many forms. This is, what is called Indian neo-colonialism policy.

History says and it will ever speak of it that more than 250 thousand Nagas were killed by Indian and Burmese occupation forces. Among those killed, some were tortured to death. Oinam incident is a case among others. Some were raped to death, some were burnt alive, some were starved to death. And some were butchered- Matikhrii incident as for an instance. And many more others were maimed and permanently crippled though ruthless torture.

We are gathering here today to pay our homage to those fallen heroes and heroines. Beloved departed brothers and sisters, you are still in our fond memory. We will always remember you day in day out, year in year out. It will be a great sin for us if we forget you. You are still part of this movement.

We do remember those revolutionary patriots who had suffered horrible torture before they met their death in the military custody of the enemies.

We do remember those fellow workers who got drown in the rivers while they were on their way to their respective missions.

We do remember those martyrs who died in the jungle and foreign countries with no one to bury their dead bodies, no one to sing and say a grace for them.

We do remember those victims of bombs and communal riots. Bombs and communalism have no head and heart.

We will never forget those war widows and orphans who have been bearing untold sufferings on account of their departed loved ones. We know they have given their best part to the nation.

We will ever adore and praise those heroes and heroines with songs and poems from generation to generation.

May the good Lord remember the blood of those martyrs!

May he answer the cry of those orphans and widows!

May he listen to the groaning of the Nagas and answer their unceasing prayers!



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