71st Independence Day speech of Gen (Retd) Kholi, Vice President NSCN.

Praise the Lord       Praise the Lord       Praise the Lord


 My Beloved Countrymen,

First of all, i thank the Almighty God for His blessing that has sustained us till today physically, politically and spiritually.

My hearty Independence Day Greetings to you all.

I give my patriotic salute to all the brave sons and daughters of Nagalim who had selflessly responded to the call of the Nation’s defense to the extent of giving up their dear lives. Their supreme sacrifices shall always be cherished in the heart of every Naga from generation to generation. I also give respect to their parents’ for dedicating them in the service of the Naga Nation when it was most needed.

On this day, in 1947, our visionary leaders took a historic decision and declared Naga Independence from the British Colonial Rule. This right decision they had taken at the right time in the right manner laid a foundation for our History and Sovereignty. What we are, and how we are today, is because of his historic decision of our leaders in the past. I salute them for that.

In regard to the ongoing Indo-Naga Political Negotiation, i would say the NSCN ought to be very thankful to the Almighty God, mass based Naga civil society organisations, Churches, prayer groups, individuals and well wishers around the world who have been standing by us through thick and thin in our political struggle as well as in our negotiations with GoI that has culminated in signing of the historic Framework Agreement of 3rd August 2015, in which Nagas’ rights and history are respected and recognised, and a roadmap to amicable and peaceful settlement is laid down.

Let us remind ourselves that, nothing is certain until it is achieved. Therefore, all sons and daughters of Naga Motherland, both the National workers and the public, should make concerted efforts with full sense of responsibility and accountability towards achieving a lasting solution to our political problem with India.

By the grace of God, Nagas have managed to prove that no outside force could destroy political right to live as one people, one nation. The only possible danger that can undermine the hard-earned political negotiation between the government of India and the Nagas represented by the NSCN for lasting settlement is none other than a mistrust and selfishness in the minds of Naga people. Unless Nagas are ready to realise together the danger of self-destruction among ourselves, we are bound to perish together beyond repair, for which younger generations will never forgive us.

My countrymen, let us not take anything for granted at this last and crucial stage of our political negotiation with the government of India, but we should be more alert and better prepared to neutralise any negative element that tries to disrupt us.

Let us beware! “The darkest hour is just before the dawn”. The peace negotiation at its fine stage may be beset with the hardest inimical attacks and temptations to undermine everything. We have to overcome them to order to see the light of the day – solution to Indi-Naga politics problem once and for all.

My beloved Naga people, we are now blessed with the finest opportune time to see the glory of God, the Almighty in our lives through the realisation of our political settlement at any moment from now. Let us thank God with all sincerity and honesty for His divine intervention, which has made everything possible for us, politically, physically and spiritually.

My beloved countrymen, the solution to our problem will not be the end in itself, rather it will be just a new beginning for Nagas to build our Nation. It will depend greatly on our concerned efforts how our Nation should progress and prosper.

Therefore, countrymen, be prepared with all the requisite skill and resources to build our Nation.



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