Praise the Lord!                     Praise the Lord!                    Praise the Lord!

I thank God of the universe, God of all people and nations and God of the Nagas who, by his grace, delivered the Nagas from all the wicked plots of the enemies and has brought them this far.

I pay homage to those martyrs for the cause. I salute all my comrades-in-common cause, who have stood the ground in times of
trials and ordeals. I greet all of you who have gathered here today on this 34th anniversary of NSCN foundation day.

People are just a group of individuals living together without common agenda if they are not organized for a common future.  People without organization are not a force even if they are educated and as numerous as they may be. Before the formation of NNC, Nagas were treated like a group of barbarous kind of people by others. Seeing the unorganized condition of the Nagas, those land hungry aggressors viewed upon Naga territory with a motive to grab it for the extension of their kingdoms. The Nagas suffered untold physical and mental persecution and oppression in the hands of the invading Indian and Burmese armed
forces. These are horrifying realities. The politics of the aggressors is but to subdue the Nagas with brute force.

NNC was formed to resist the aggressors in an organized strength. However, after decades of resistance the NNC failed. The infamous Shillong Accord divided the Nagas into two camps – the patriots and the traitors. The patriots could not remain silent when their nation was placed in the most dangerous situation of capitulation. In that kind of compelling circumstance the patriots in the national assembly condemned the Shillong Accord as a sell-out. In spite of this fact, in total opposition to it, the traitors with the backing of the enemies staged a military coup d’état on 30th August 1978 where offices of the NNC and FGN were usurped. Consequently, armed confrontation between the two camps broke out.

NNC ended with the Shillong accord leaving the Nagas without an organization to lead them in their struggle. Thus, the question arose who would fight for the cause and under what banner. Out of such historical necessity the NSCN was formed. It was approved and mandated by the national assembly on this day, the 31st January 1980. This is a hard fact, not a claim.

The history of the Israelites would have been ended in the mount Sinai had there not been Moses who stayed the ground when rebellion rocked the camp. Likewise, the history of the Nagas would have been buried in the grave of the Shillong Accord had there not been NSCN leadership. But I thank God for the history of the great deliverance. We should ever value what the good Lord has done for us.

Of late, the Indian state has adopted the neo-colonial policy of killing the Nagas through the Nagas and subduing the Nagas through the Nagas. All the state machinaries are set to colonize the Nagas in the name of development and security of India when the Nagas have never ever been a security threat to India. As Nagalim has been made the killing field of the Indian armed forces for so long resistance to it in one form or the other is a must, not a choice.

The patriots under the leadership of the NSCN put up tough resistance against the aggression of the Indian and Burmese states for decades. Ultimately, Gen. Shankhar Roy Choudhury, the then Chief of the Indian Army made a historic statement, “Military solution is not possible.” Mr. P. V. Narasimha Rao, the then Prime Minister of India stated, “Military solution is ruled out.” It was a U-turn approach from military to political. The present peace process being held between the Government of India and NSCN on the basis of the three agreed terms is  ground breaking. Recognition of the entity of the Nagas, unique history
and situation of the Nagas are landmarks in history.

No one should doubt about it that the NSCN, the authentic organization of the Naga people, is a recognized entity. It is a member of the UNPO, the organization of the dominated peoples and nations of the world. It is also an associate member of the London-based PNSD (Parliamentarians for National Self-determination). The NSCN is a party to the ‘Geneva Call’
an organization that works under the UN. The collective leadership was honored to speak in the August meetings of the UN for a number of times.

NSCN is principle-based. Our national revolution is principle-based. Our politics of negotiation is also principle-based. NSCN will not go for any kind of solution foregoing our principles. It is for a negotiated settlement that respects mutual rights and interests. We know for sure that our future is in our principle. No policy and no strategy will ever save our history, culture, identity, land and political future if our principle is murdered.

Our reconciliation and unity move is principle-based. Any reconciliation move that betrays the principle is a roadblock. Unity
of people without orientation to the future is like a ship without radar. Unity must address the issue. Unity among the Nagas is a must, but it should be for the cherished goal.

Our people understand that NSCN fights for a cause. When NSCN negotiates, it is also for a cause and it is running a national
government for a cause. It is the decision of the NSCN that it will always take care so that it does not make mistake in its conduct of affairs. Our people should bear with us if and when there is commission and omission here and there. However, be it informed that NSCN is strongly opposed to any political move by a section of people or group that deviates from the national stand. We must beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. NSCN will always be loyal to the nation and the Lord.

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