17th December,2010 With reference to news report “Case against NSCN” as appeared in Nagaland Post and other papers dating the 17th Dec.2010 it may be stated that the NSCN have no hand in the hijacking of FCI rice on NH 53. It is the handiwork of some group of anti social elements with vested interest and using the name of Read more


GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF NAGALIM Ministry of Information & Publicity REJOINDER TO MR.WANGTIN’S PRESS WRITE UP This is a rejoinder to ‘K’ group Kilonser Mr.Wangtin’s press write-up under the caption “FOURTH POINT DRAFT FLAYED” carried by the local papers on the 31st Oct. 2010 wherein he accused the Naga Civil Societies on groundless points and also denigrated the Read more

Response to “Who Oppressed Who” of Mr. Angomcha Santosh

Response to “Who Oppressed Who” of Mr. Angomcha Santosh We are grateful to Angomcha Santosh, Secretary General, Manipur Young Forum for his passionate, albeit futile, defense for maintaining the status quo of Meetei hegemony and parochialism in which he has indulged in unsubstantiated diatribe against the tribals in Manipur. Mr. Angomcha’s diatribe is at best an asinine attempt that falls Read more

Rejoinder to Amuco Naga Hoho

R E J O I N D E R T O A M U C O In view of the serious allegation perpetrated by All Manipur United Clubs Organisation (AMUCO) against the Naga Hoho platform on May 26, 2010, the Naga Hobo is constrained to issue this Rejoinder based on truth and justice. 1. We question the consistency of AMUCO Read more


RESPONSE TO N. BIREN Dated Tahamzam, May 30, 2010 The statement of Government of Manipur’s (GOM) spokesman N. Biren as appeared in local dailies once again highlights the immaturity of the GOM led by its CM Ibobi Singh. The spokesman has taken pains to state that the government will protect non-Manipuris living in the state with full proof. We would Read more


PRESS REJOINDER TO TOKIHO ZHIMOMI, PRESIDENT SUMI REGION, NNC 25th May 2010 This is the time when the whole Nagas across Nagalim is getting revolutionized in the face of the Manipur government using terror tactics to suppress the rights of the Nagas in general and the birth right of our leader and General Secretary of NSCN Th.Muivah. But it is Read more


PRESS RELEASE Dated Tahamzam, May 24, 2010 REJOINDER With reference to the news item Sangai Express, dated Imphal May 23 under the heading “Naga Forum Appeal for Peace” is nothing but Shedding a crocodile’s tear in the pretext of the acute inconvenience due to economic blockade by the so called Naga Leader Forum is disgusting. That, such a forum is Read more