The irresponsible and arrogant 18th Assam Rifle of Jalukie town (Peren).

 Press release

Dated: Oking, 8th December, 2014.

The frequent raids conducted by the 18th Assam rifle in Jalukie town towards our cadres despite the many commitments made through Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG) to respect and honour the Cease Fire Ground Rules (CFGR) has made the CFGR a mockery. Better not make an agreement with the Nagas when you cannot honour it.

Through this press release, we will expect that, the Indian security forces specially the Assam Rifle will “behave” and let the Chairman of CFMG be informed through this publication that he will adjudicate his duties with fairness at all time.

We are also equally concerned of the Assam rifles movements towards the Hebron Camp. Though no physical confrontation had happen so far, yet, such movements if required is best informed beforehand. Every major conflict begin with a small spark and it is our join responsibility to create a conducive environment so that the hard earned Indo-Naga  peace process should not be jeopardised but bear the fruits of permanent solution desirable by both the party.




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