Press Statement

Press Statement

The shootout at Laungma (Balathan) village, NC Hills on the 28/10/09 is indeed very regrettable considering the repeated assurance offered to the Naga people for hope of Peace. In this regard it is imperative to issue this statement and inform the general public of our commitment for reconciliation and the circumstances leading to the skirmish. The situation was inevitable, given the constant provocations intimidated by the ZLR Region ‘K’ cadres within the vicinity of our base. It is also pertinent to expose the nexus between the ZLR Region ‘K’ and the Assam Rifles (AR) posted out there in resorting to despicable acts of befriending each other and frequently raiding our base.

We have indeed in the general interest and context of the process of reconciliation, evaded direct encounter in many occasions. However, they mis-understood the exercise of restraint for weakness and took advantage of it. After enduring all this provocative stances we even went to the extent of informing the Zeme Council about the situation, but the K cadres turned deaf ears to the sincere pleading of the public leaders for diffusing the stance. Considering the facts and the circumstances leading to the incident, our boys cannot be blamed.

This incident and statement however should not be interpreted as a justification on our part or a blockade to the ongoing process of reconciliation; instead it is intended to be considered a grim reminder to exercise self restraint. The FNR is also advised to secure firm commitment from all groups concern for maintaining status quo and not to make any military advances during this volatile period.


Colonel Levi Zimik,

PRO, GHQ, Naga Army

Dated: October 29, 2009

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