senapatiTahamzam: 07/08/2010
The unwelcomed visit of the ministerial team of Manipur state to Tahamzam (Senapati headquarter) today was greeted by the Naga people with a lightning bandh. People responded to the visit with the closure of all shops and establishments and complete halt of vehicular and pedestrian movement. Student volunteers blocked the highway and burnt rubber tyres in the middle of the town and also put up placards at different spots reminding the ministerial team that the Nagas area is no more under the Manipur Map.
Recalling the bitter memories of the brutal murder of late Chakho and Loshuo by communal Manipur state forces on 6th May 2010 at Mao Gate, the Nagas fixed the responsibility on the Cabinet Ministers of Manipur who ordered the IRBs and Commandos to Mao Gate. The United Naga Council, All Naga Association and others Naga organisations refused to meet the team led by the communal Manipur state ministers since the Nagas have severed political ties with the communal Government of Manipur and have decided for GOI intervention with an alternative arrangement as declared in the Naga peoples Convention (NPC) on August 1, 2010 at Tahamzam.
The ministerial team were seen meeting only some few district level officers in the chamber of the Deputy Commissioner. The boycott was a reminder that Nagas will meet the Govt. of India only.

Publicity Wing.
All Naga Students’ Association.

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