Press Statement


30 December, 2013


The Military Tribunal Court (MTC) of the NSCN/GPRN   after thorough investigation into the incident of 21 December 2013 at Aghuyito Junction near Zunheboto town wherein the three cadres of the Naga Army committed act of offence that included unwarranted physical assault and outrage of modesty and humiliation on two female passengers.

The MTC concluded that after “Courts-martial” proceedings was initiated against the cadres and Sergeant Mapam Keishing N/No. EF-14671 was found guilty and deemed fit for capital punishment as per the Ahza of the Government and awarded the same on 29th December, 2013.

Whereas under the same “Courts-martial” proceedings Corporal Mahori A/No.AX-40199 and Private Ninoto A/No. 42572/11 were also found guilty and terminated from national service with immediate effect from 29 December, 2013.

The situation that had emerged leading to vacating of our mutually decided designated camp at Mukalimi between the GoI and the NSCN has exposed the partisan spirit of the state machineries. Apart from the public mob they have allowed the Naga factions including “Unification” and “Khaplang” groups to participate in the assault of our designated camp within the full view and backing of the state forces including the Assam Rifles and the IRB (Nagaland) with full automatic weapons. A Capt. Vinoto s/o Khuhevi of Tokiye town of the Khaplang faction who had deserted from Thungbo Brigade was injured seriously in the mob attack of Mukalimi Camp.

It has come as a big surprise to us considering the support for the ongoing political dialogue and peace process that has been resolved and expressed in important forums by the state concerned. If this is the intent and the position of the state, the NSCN/ GPRN are serious.

We have left no stone unturned to bring about understanding with the people concerned including the high delegation Cabinet team to Zunheboto. But our good-will mission was sent back humiliated after making them sign under threat and duress that the cadres will be handed over to the administration.

We are for peaceful settlement of all issues including the Indo-Naga political issue. However, we shall not remain as silent spectators if certain elements or groups are allowed to disturb the fate of the Naga nation by inciting the innocent Naga public. Things are crystal clear to us.




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