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The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) has taken a serious view with the repeated arrogant and irresponsible statements of the Union Home Joint Secretary North East In-charge Mr. Shambhu Singh in The Sangai Express on Dec 10th  and 11th , 2013 ( ) that there is “uncertainty” and “no concrete progress” in the ongoing peace talks between the Government of India (GoI) and the NSCN. He also had stated that the “charter of demands after abandoning the demand for sovereignty, unification of Naga areas and Nagalim.” His other statements also included “there is need for involvement and consent of the Governments of Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland regarding the demands of NSCN” and “the collective aspirations of the Naga people, he said and pointed out the non-involvement of other Naga armed groups in the peace dialogue.”

The NSCN questions the treacherous intention of Mr. Shambhu Singh to sabotage the progress made thus far in the Indo-Naga peace talks that has already completed its 16th year. We also would like to know if the GoI has empowered Mr. Shambhu Singh to give such treacherous and arrogant statements on the current political negotiation. It is wise for Mr. Shambhu Singh to hold himself back.

Is Mr. Shambhu Singh uninformed or briefed about the political negotiation between the GoI and the NSCN that began at the highest level, without precondition and outside India in a third country in 1997?  Is he ignorant of the fact that on July 11, 2002 the GoI officially recognized the “unique history and situation” of the Nagas?  And consequently it was stated that the solution shall be based on that recognition.

The NSCN questions whether Mr. Shambhu Singh has the official endorsement of the GoI. What are this “Charter of demands” and the abandonment of the historical sovereign rights and the aspiration of the Nagas to live as one people under one political roof? What is his idea about “consensus” or the “collective aspirations of the Nagas?”

As stated the political negotiation has completed 16 years and both the parties are moving towards a negotiated political settlement acceptable to both the parties. There is no “Charter of demands” as the Nagas do not demand anything from India but the solution shall be based on the “Unique history and situation of the Nagas”

When the Union of India was formed the Nagas decided not to join the Union. Perhaps Mr. Shambhu Singh thinks that he is wise enough to question this historical fact of the Naga people’s aspiration. When this Naga sovereign right to live as one has been abandoned? It is prudent for Mr. Shambhu Singh to avoid taking comfort in the illusion of his own made.

It is wise for a man of his status to stop talking in an irresponsible way. Mr. Shambhu Singh should know that Nagas never abandon their rights including sovereignty and integration of all Naga areas. He should also know the fact that the Nagas would never abandon their rights including the right to determine their own future whether it’s today or tomorrow as long as Nagas are there here on earth.

When the Collective Leadership of NSCN met the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narasimha Rao in Paris, he said “ we will talk only with you because the issue is with you, because the people are with you and you have proved yourselves and we know if we talk with you honorable and acceptable solution to both would be worked out”. But the NSCN leadership asked him “why don’t you talk with others like NNC, Khaplang and others. Of course we would not be a party to it.” The Prime Minister straight away said “why should I talk with them, the issue is not with them, people are not with them and they have not proved themselves. They are in my hands.” Is it wrong for the Prime Minister to have uttered like that? Is it also wrong on our part to take him at his words? We honour the commitment given by the GoI at the highest level and we think that’s what we should do.

It has been officially made clear that the competent Indian authority to issue statements on the Indo-Naga political talks would only be the Prime Minister, Home Minister and Interlocutor. Yet, in spite of this, Union Home Joint Secretary North East In-charge Mr. Shambhu Singh is randomly issuing unwarranted statements on the Indo-Naga talks contradicting the commitment of the GoI.

Mr. Shambhu Singh’s provocative utterances superseding all these commitments given by the GoI are nothing but trying to sabotage the progress made in the political negotiation. His repeated insisting on involving other groups in the talks is in fact to counter-balance the progress of the talks at the expense of the Nagas. Is this a wise move on his part?

Nagas are not demanding anything that belongs to others. We stand for our rights and that will be to the end. Is it democracy to please others at the expense of the Nagas? Perhaps, this is how Mr. Shambhu Singh is trying to justify his treacherous attempt in the name of democracy.

He never hesitates to use the term “rebel” but NSCN are never a rebel. We are defending our historical rights and Indians are the aggressors.  It is the Indian authority who uttered that “NSCN are not a terrorist”, “their issue is political” and on the basis of this, political talks between GoI and NSCN started off.



Oking: 12/12/2013

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