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Truth, Justice and Peace

May 30, 2010

Sinlung Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Organisation (SIPHRO) is utterly shocked at the rising and excessive uses of violence by the security forces of the Government of Manipur against innocent civilians.

SIPHRO strongly condemns the latest onslaught on civilians by the Manipur Indian Reserved Battalion (MIRB) and Manipur State Police Commando (MSPC) personnel along the NH-53 near Khumji village, Tamenglong district, Manipur on May 29, 2010. Three (3) civilians were reportedly injured in the incident. Every civil society groups should condemn the blatant disregards for the rights of ordinary citizens by the Manipur security forces.

The State Government of Manipur should take moral responsibility for the undesirable incident and take action against the authorities and personnel responsible for the incident. The Manipur government should also control its rising militarized image against its own people.

As a matured and responsible government, the Manipur government should stop taking advantages of peoples’ sentiments based on ethnic lines. The current stance taken by the government of Manipur would only raise tensions instead of defusing it. Also, any prolonged tension would only aggravate the volatile situation in the region and the ordinary people are bearing the brunt of it.

SIPHRO believes that an amicable solution can be reached on the current challenges faced in Manipur with trust, sincerity and through peaceful means and never with violence.

Secretary, SIPHRO

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