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Press Release
Mobile Office, June 20 2010

Who is in Charge?
Should the Government of India allow Manipur to be the main stumbling block in the peace negotiations with the Naga Peoples?
The Naga International Support Center , NISC, lauds the Government of India, GOI, for taking the initiative to summon both officials of Manipur and Nagalim to Delhi for talks on the stand off between the two entities. The feud must end and only talks can solve the issue brought on by the Meitei people. Though quite late because of the continuous trouble among the Nagas and the Meiteis the adagio ‘better late than never’ is applicable here. That is one.
Two Because Nagas have never been conquered or ever in history did consent to be part of another, read Meitei, state or power, the Meitei dominated Manipuri Government cannot flay the right to self determination of the Nagas.
Three The Nagas have nothing against the Meiteis, but let’s be reminded that the commotion initiated by ANSAM, the blockade started as a reaction to the negligence of the Naga Peoples of Manipur, because it is not the Manipur Government who should exploit and dominate over the Nagas there. Because they did and do just that still self respecting Nagas cannot but protest against such arrogance. And they did. In turn Nagas, who have nothing against the Meiteis, do not claim any land from them but like to be recognized as a nation which peoples were separated through the decisions of foreign and Indian powers.
Four Though the Government of India pledged to start the peace talks afresh, suspicion rises over the role it plays. Hence NISC asks the GOI to
– avoid the seduction of letting this stumbling block thrown in by the leaders of Manipur State , interrupt or abandon the peace process with the Nagas
– be frank and fair to those involved
– to respect the right of the Nagas and act on that right at the earliest
To indeed expedite the process for peace with the Nagas and furthermore the region NISC states: it is not enough to call out for and early solution when the conflict has been raging for more than 6 decades and that13 years of ceasefire were not enough to solve the conflict either. Let’s be credible, straightforward and respectful of each other’s rights. Let it be known that the GOI is in charge and that it has a ceasefire agreement with the Nagas which incidentally is not limited to Nagaland State only but is between two parties: GOI and NSCN.

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