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Ministry of Information & Publicity


7th June 2015

At this most crucial juncture, while the Nagas are confronted by highly sensitive political activities and issues, both within the home front and at the national levels, there are unfortunately some elements which are going against all governments. These over active and over reactive organizations are moving with tangible momentum to create nuisance which is serious in nature and absolutely counter-productive and non beneficial to the present Society. It is high time these organizations, exhibit stronger sense of discipline and positive attitudes to enable the peaceful existence of the common people.

The Naga political movements for self determinations spanning across many decades have now reached the doorstep of its final political settlement. This is what the Nagas had longed for and had cherished for many anxious years. After signing the 3rd.August Framework Agreement, hope for a new era for the Nagas have appeared at the horizon. However, some elements are hell bend and actively working sleeplessly aiming to trigger maximum collateral damages to the historic political achievements and even to the extend of treacherous hijack and sabotage. 

The Govt. of India, led by the dynamic Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, is selflessly working with commitments, to solve the protracted Naga Political issue. The ongoing political talks between the NSCN (representing the Nagas) and Government of India started off after decades of blood sheds and unimaginable horrors throughout Nagalim. Therefore, it will be very unfortunate if the ongoing political process is compelled to get derailed due to some anti peace and anti framework agents. In such circumstances, it will be interpreted as a sheer willful act against the peaceful interests of both the Government of India and the Naga nation.

In any democratic country and nation, to raise one’s voices against the Governments, on issues of anomalies and corruptions is acceptable as it is guaranteed by the rights to express. However, of late, some organizations are rushing against the national interests to fulfill their master’s desires of reopening old Political Pandora Box at the costs of the Nagas. It is only regrettable and sad enough that, these organizations are construing their own political catastrophes. For the progress of any race of people and nations, it requires the contributions of all the people for which positive and constructive criticisms are one of the most important fabrics to harbor unity and progress. It is strange that, some organizations are apparently trying to overtake other leading organizations and Governments in full throttles and in panicky by realizing the reality that, the decades old Indo – Naga Political problems is expected to be completed sooner than expected. They need to pre visualize the true pictures of the futilities and related consequences of their treacherous and destructive designs against the Governments.

The NSCN appeal to the people and all the organizations to come forward in safeguarding the prevailing peace and to strengthen the path of Peace process and honourable Political settlement.


Issued by MIP

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