Press Release

14th March 2010.

(Clarification of late Rechungkiu, Tikhir, CCM NSCN-K killing incident)

Before going into detail, we the national workers of TACA (Tikhir Areas Centrally Administrated Area) Would like to apologies to the late CCM’s family members, and Wapher villages for taking longer time to issue this clarification, besides, the the concern family members is also informed that the sensitive nature of the incident was the reason which compelled the region to undergo a thorough investigation. It pain as much to go into detail of the murder incident, which was committed by our former Executive Officer (EO) Mr. NT. Yamthong, which brought irreparable damage to our region and our people. Therefore, the region is compelled to issue the clarification in black and white so as to clear the fabricated statement of Mr. NT. Yamthong that was published in the local dailies in 2008. As, it necessitate for the general Tikhir public (community) acknowledgement, the service history and the crime records of Mr. NT. Yamthong is furnish accordingly.

1. Before joining the national service Mr. Yamthong has a long list of infamous history of crimes, like theft, adultery, forgery, etc etc.
2. in the year 2005, he approached the regional authories to join in the national service, but the region office was aware of his misdeeds. Therefoe, he was thoroughly scrutinized and was told to reform his ways, and later inducted in the post of Razou Peyu in the same year.
3. Right after his induction in the national service Mr. NT. Yamthong a power monger and a famous hypocrite by nature started signature campaign among the regional members for his evelation to the post of EO.
4. Again after his appointment in the post of EO, his short sightedness exposed by propagation of clanism and tribalism in the area and the neighboring tribes. Due to his corrupted policies vested interest there was much confusion and disunity among the regional members. His tenure is noted as the darkest chapter of our regional history. Viewing all his corrupted policies, the senior Tikhir regional authorities tried to correct him but he fail to abide the advise, therefore, his case was forwarded to the Kilo (Home) ministry for suspension on 12th March 2008,and subsequently he was summoned by the ministry on 18th March 2008, but he fail to turn up. As such Mr. TR. Yamthong was appointed as EO 7th April 2008, but he ignored the directive of the kilo Ministry to hand over the regional office to the incumbent EO. Therefore, another directive, dated 29th June 2008 was served to him to hand over the office to the newly appointed EO. And on 12th July 2008 the regional office and senior Tikhir national workers were shocked to learn the killing of late Mr. Rengchungkiu Tikhir, CCM of NSCN-K by NT. Yamthong which could be noted as the first killing incident that took place in our area, after the “famous declaration of peace zone” by ENPO on 18th Dec. 2007. In spite of repeated summon order served to him by the government for clarification for his abuse of power and mis-use of office property Mr. NT. Yamthong again committed another crime by murdering the late CCM. Therefore, the Tikhir National Workers is to clarify, that Mr. NT. Yamthong ex-EO. Should be held responsible for the killing of the late CCM. It is quite interesting to note that, Mr. NT. Yamthong, took the life of late Rechungkiu Tikhir CCM, NSCN-K as his arch enemy by later having left with no other options to save his skin, defected in his enemy organization. In conclusion, we the Tikhir National Workers appeal every right thinking persons, intellectuals, organizations, Human rights groups etc. to book the murder for justification so that no such incident repeat in near future in Naga society as a whole.

Issued by: MIP
(Tikhir National Workers, GPRN).

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