Press Release:

Dated: Oking, 16th July, 2014.

On the matter relating the unfortunate incident involving one of our cadres, Corporal T. Imkong  S/o T.Tongpang from Sangtam region with one T. Sepenchu Sangtam on 12th July 2014 at Salomi village; Naga Army, NSCN/GPRN ,after  thorough investigation  it has found out that Corporal T. Imkong had also in the past committed other offences unbecoming of Naga Army and therefore as per Naga Army Rules and Regulations (RR) he is terminated from the National services on this day the 16th of July, 2014.

We are also concerned with the subsequent events whereby the Yimchunger Akheru Arihako (YAA) had come up with public protest Rally condemning the incident and surprisingly the ultimatum served to us. Though we appreciate and encourage the public consciousness in any matter which is against the spirit of brotherhood and peace yet we failed to comprehend the motive of YAA going hyperbole over the matter.

It is a fact that, the altercation and brawl between them happen in the influence of alcohol and that after filing FIR by T.Sepenchu Sangtam against Corproral T. Imkong, afterward both the party met and resolved their differences. Thus T. Sepenchu withdraws the FIR in good faith.

We are of the opinion that, YAA failed to verify the incident in a fair manner and that they have also ignored the fact that FIR has been withdrawn and both the party have resolved the matter since they are acquaintance to one another.

As a responsible government, we acted upon Corporal T.Imkong immediately after learning of the incident and put in him in our custody till the investigation period and subsequently terminated.

Therefore, we want to know what YAA has done against T. Sepenchu Sangtam to show their fairness in the dispensation of justice.




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