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Ministry of Information & Publicity

Press Release

2nd October 2012


After going through the Press release of Mr.B.Pashen in local papers on 2nd Oct.2012, the undersigned would like to ask him to furnish the reason why the two leaders (Isak & Muivah) were arrested in 1978 and imprisoned for eighteen (18) months long in the eyes of the whole world. Mr.B.Pashen chose to respond to some prints (though not correctly) bypassing the other which was the epicenter. Also his lame excuse of “NO COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LONDON, NAGALAND AND EASTERN NAGALAND” makes no sense. Such words of hypocrisy cannot convince any body. Who dig the graves of the two leaders for three times?

Had it not been for Mr.Pangwon Leinung and Gen.Kholi Konyak, the two leaders would had already been killed for no false of them. B.Pashen and his masters would have owned the crown had he coup of 1978 was successful, but now trying to escape giving many lame excuses. Mr.Tongmeth Wangnao, Co-Convener, Steering Committee, NSCN has stated.


Issue by MIP



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