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2nd September 2012

Kilo Kilonser directs and appeals

The Kilo Kilonser, GPRN TT Among has termed the disturbed situations ensued in Dimapur and surrounding areas arising out of some ugly incident at Kohima Village as very unfortunate. The Kilo Kilonser opines that such isolated incident should have been settled through mutual talks or through legal course of action. But it has been blown out of proportion. However, he appeals to both Sumis and Angamis to exercise maximum restraints in the present volatile situation in the interest of the people in general and the Nation and also appeals to all naga people to remain calm.

The Kilo Kilonser also directs all NSCN ranks and files to stay alert and watchful in this situation and warns the NSCN cadres not to use weapons of any kind overtly and covertly in support of one party or the other. Failing to observe this directive will certainly entail punitive action against the erring cadres.

Further, Mr. Tongmeth Wangnao, Co-Convener of the Steering Committee, NSCN and a leading member of the Eastern Naga national Workers Union (ENNWU) member under Isak & Th. Muivah appeals to both Sumis and Angamis for restraint from confrontations. He said, our fore fathers were head hunters and had had no close contacts between the communities or tribes. But through Christianity and Naga Nationalism we have come closer to each other. Therefore this brotherly love and feeling of oneness should be properly maintained between communities or tribes.



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