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27th August 2012.



Saying and writing anything like blasphemies, heresies, obscene words, insults etc, may be really great tradition and freedom of expression for some people who are championing for them. But for Nagas we don’t have such tradition and freedom of expression. We have pleasant traditions and cautiously speaking and writing, avoiding unnecessary implications as “freedom of expression”. Indian National Congress was not and is not the tradition of the Indians. And so also the BJP and other parties. Likewise, Erstwhile Naga club was not a tradition. So also NNC was not Naga tradition, but was modern naga political organization. Likewise, NSCNs are not traditions but political organizations. Whoever disobey his/her superiors or does not follow the principles of the party or organizations are expelled from party or organization.


Head hunting might have been a tradition for the Nagas in the past. But now this practice had become obsolete and a thing of abhorrence in the modern society. Some people may pressurize the nagas to re-adopt this tradition. But Nagas will never return to the head hunting tradition. The Nagas will never say or write anything through tradition and freedom of expression to make two men quarrel and fighting each other.


Before the ceasefire with the Government of India thousands of Nagas have laid down their lives for the cause of the Naga Nation and have undergone untold sufferings, like illness, hunger, imprisonments, deprivations, isolations etc etc. In the present peaceful condition in Nagalim some men, by sitting on the fence, criticizing and speaking loudly against the good works done by others are shameless and mentally deranged people.


What were your great contributions for the Nation?? Enjoying life while others were crying and mourning were your contributions?? Enjoying School and college life while others were working in the midst of mosquitoes, leeches, snakes etc. and with rain soaked body and cloths fighting the enemy at the cost of their lives?? Why did you not join the Naga freedom movement in 1955/56 or why not join it at least in 1970 and experience the life of the underground?? How you become so wise and brave today?? “JACK OF ALL TRADES, AND MASTER OF NONE”


Issued By MIP.

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  1. I agree but not completely. If everyone goes underground for the said movement who will be operating computers and modern technologies today? Who will supply food and informations from the based. All the israelites are not soldiers or armies, yet they stand tall and survives til today why? God of creation fulfils His promises and forsake not his people in their downfall if only we rely on him and acts not against His will and plans. God is moving one more time my beloved brethren. God of Israel still lives today for the Nagas too. Do not be confused or shaken. . . My fellow brothers and sisters! God will protect and defend our land and people if we walk in his ways! KUKNALIM

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