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Press note on Haochong incident.

25th June 2012

The recent report that appeared in a section of the local press indicating the involvement of NSCN in the killing of three Khaplang boys and two innocent  villagers at Haochong village under Tamenglong district is completely false and bereft of factual evidence. Taking serious note of such unfounded and baseless allegation, the NSCN advice Khaplang boys to properly ascertain the facts before going to the press and refrain from such acts in future.

In fact, the Khaplang boys have on a number of occasions seriously been trying the patience of the NSCN. For instance, on 2nd January 2008, while the national workers and the Zeliangrong Elders Peace Brokers Forum (ZEPBF) were in the process of initiating a peaceful environment within Tamenglong District, the Khaplang men attacked the NP Battalion, Naga Army at Buining Village under Tamenglong District and on Thursday, the 21st of June 2012, at around 9:00 PM, Sgt. Major Athikho Mao was abducted and shot dead in cold blood by the Khaplang boys. Further, it is also learnt that defying repeated pleas of the villagers to go away from the village, the Khaplang boys were camping and partying at Haochong village with the so-called ZUF on that fateful day, for a reason best known to them. Despite all these provocations, the NSCN remain patient to safeguard the Naga peace process.

However, everything has its own limit and therefore, the Khaplang boys or other elements trying to create social and political tensions within Tamenglong District are advised to be careful so as not to create an unwanted situation out of such unwarranted Haochong killings. In fact, the incident was the outcome of a common habit of madmen fighting and killing out of drinking and quarrelling for a petty matter. And such unnecessary and shameful acts of deceitful group of people should be condemned by all.

The NSCN/GPRN once again makes it known to one and all that its cadres have had no hand in the Haochong killings and therefore, urges the Assam Rifles to immediately stop harassing the NSCN cadres and their families in connivance with the Khaplang and ZUF men in Tamenglong District. The Assam Rifles should remember the bitter days in Nagalim in the past and also remember that they too have families or loved ones

Issued by: MIP

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