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Ministry of Information and Publicity

                                                              Press Release

                                                              16th June 2012

 We appreciate the concern shown by Zeliangrong Youth Front and Zeliangrong Students’ Union Manipur expressing their sentimental attachment with the term “Ringtelo Zeliangrong”. We would however like to point out that in no way NSCN is trying to denigrate and insult the Zeliangrong people’s cultural attachment with “Ringtelo Zeliangrong”.  What is important to us is that let no individual or organization misuse this beautiful cultural value for the sake of making a point in favor of their stand as an organization that fights for Zeliangrong people. Fighting for the people’s cause should be in the manner that comes in conformity with people’s interest and not in the manner to hoodwink the people’s emotion. We have high respect for the Zeliangrong people and their contribution towards the Naga national movement and let this historical records be not contaminated under any circumstances at the behest of certain anti-Naga groups and agencies.


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