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9th June 2012


The NSCN is currently having a cease-fire with Indian Government and conducting a hectic strenuous political dialogue with the Indian Leaders to clinch an honorable political settlement with India. The NSCN leadership fully understands and is aware of the support and goodwill of the Naga people. Therefore several rounds of Naga Consultative meetings had been held in foreign lands as well as in Naga homeland represented by every different sections of the Naga People. In this way, with the mandate of the Naga people the NSCN leadership is holding the talks with Government of India. It is called “Political Negotiations” In negotiations, whether political of Economic, it is a universal understanding and norm that give and take principle is naturally involved. As per the prudence of the Naga people and their desires, the NSCN leadership knows how much we can give and how much we can take. Only barking as mad dogs which are expecting by some silly Nagas will not work. Political dialogue requires saqacity, technic and positive diplomacies. But it is also regretted that still there are certain elements even among the Nagas who are trying hard to sabotage the current talks in connivance with some Indian leaders and agencies.

During the present times, by taking advantage of the magnanimity and goodwill of the NSCN, some individuals and even insignificant groups are raising their ugly heads to accuse and defame the NSCN and its leadership on one point and the other. The NSCN is maintaining a high degree of patience because of the current Reconciliation process otherwise the NSCN has guts to take punitive actions against all irresponsible persons and groups in the interest of the Naga people. Every Naga should understand that we are on the path of revolution and in a revolution anything may happen anytime anywhere.

The NSCN does not accuse or malign any person or group unless and until it is provoked or falsely accused. Therefore, the NSCN warns all individuals and groups to be cautions in their talks and gossips so as not to hurt and provoke others.

In Sunday (10th June 2012) daily papers one member of the so-called NNC by assumed name (may be real) of Victor, an inmate of Kohima transit Camp has been talking about political principle. What is his principle? Is he talking or writing about his surrendered and betrayal shillong accord of 1975?? He is writing about consent and consultation of the Naga people. Had the Shillong Accord people consulted or had consultation with the Naga people before signing the Shillong accord?? A big NO! Mr.Victor’s real name is “VICTIM”. He is a victim of his mind and ego. Therefore, his name is not Victor, but “VICTIM”. He is praising Miss.Adino Phizo. But Naga people acknowledge Adino as a member of the suffering family and so far not recognize her as a Naga Leader. He is talking about splits and divisions among the National workers. But he must be taught that in a long drawn out movement like ours, there is tendency of dissensions and divisions. It is quite natural. But people should understand “WHO IS WHO” and “WHAT IS WHAT”. People should be able to distinguish what is genuine and what is spurious. Who is real person or who is an imposter.

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