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27th April 2012

Impasse resolved and appreciation there of

The incident of 19th April 2012 had been occurred due to the deliberate intrusion of some Assam Rifles personnel to NSCN /GPRN CHQs to provoke the NSCN. This was done against the ceasefire ground rules and the spirit and meaning of ceasefire between two conflicting parties. Under this pretext the Government of India created actual warlike situations in all the Naga inhabited areas through the ever notorious Assam Rifles. The first individual to blame was Maj.Sukanta (Somokanta Singh) a Meitei, the second was to blame the 29th Assam Rifles, the third blame went to IGAR Nagaland Range. The final blame rested on the Government of India, because the crisis was well known to the Government of India including the Defense Ministry.

This incident did not only disturb and harass the NSCN cadres but created serious tensions in the minds of all the Naga people. The impasse however partially, so to say, resolved through the efforts of many NSCN leaders as well as the leaders of Naga social workers including the Naga Women Organizations. This could be done through the unfailing “love of Jehovah” towards the Nagas. The NSCN highly appreciates the Naga womenfolk near and around the Hebron Camp. Their courage and patriotism will be remembered for all time to come. The NSCN appreciates the efforts of Naga Hoho and its frontal Organizations, the NSF and its frontal organizations, the Naga women Organizations at all level and also those  individuals and groups, which cannot be named one by one, for rendering their services to defuse the tensions and resolved the crisis. God will certainly bless all those peacemakers.

Secondly the NSCN/GPRN refutes the Indian intelligence bureau reports about Chinese funding moaists in the North East including Nagaland which was published in the local dailies of 27th April 2012. The Moaists activities or presence in the other states, we cannot say or comment anything. But in Nagaland, if there be any activities or presence as alleged it is certainly the creation of Assam Government and India. The Assam Government brought the refugees from every corner and kept them through force and as well as help in the plains sector of Nagaland bordering Assam in order to make buffer zone between Assam and Nagaland.

But this objective of the Assam Government turned out to be counter-productive and negative impact on the Government of India. Recently, there was a hue and cry about presence of Maoists Camps and their cadres along the Nagaland Assam Disputed Area Belt, which were destroyed and the cadres expelled by the Nagaland state Government authorities in collaboration with the public of the area.

Therefore, if there are any moaists or their camps in Nagaland border then this are the creations of the Assam and the Government of India. They should not blame others for their wrong doings.

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