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Press Release
22nd April 2012

Adherence to ceasefire ground rules is the mainspring of ceasefire survival and the haughtiness of the Assam Rifles stands in contrary to the commitment given by the government of India in solving the Naga political issue with all sincerity and seriousness. When there is no visible sign of the GOI doing political responsibility to rein on the hawkish AR troops and restraint them from going its own way  to go against the commitment given to the Nagas there is little to be comforted. Such superficial commitment is dangerous not only for the Nagas but for the entire Northeast region.

It is comforting to learn that the CFMG Chairman Maj.Gen(Retd) N.George has assured to the Naga civil societies that the weapons siezed from the card holders of NSCN members would be returned. In this matter the call of the urgency is that action should speak louder than words(assurance).Winning the trust and confidence of the NSCN and the Naga people in such hour of crisis like this is crucially important to build up his credibility as a person who is expected to excercise his power with strict impartiality.

CFMG Chairman also must take the stand vis-a vis the AR that this is the time to reciprocate as far as the issue of returning arms is concern. Recalcitrant approach of AR should be discouraged at all cost to preserve the sanctity of the Indo-Naga ceasefire that was signed for the purpose of solving the longest insurgency problem in
South-East Asia.

The 19th April incident where the 29 AR troops commanded by one Meitei Maj Sukanta nearly gate crash the giant Hebron Camp has been severely condemned by many Naga civil societies for it matters their rights and pride as  people who have the history that is unique and which must be defended at all cost. Such overbearing attitude of AR towards the ceasefire ground rules is obnoxious in any sense of the term. And given
the seriousness of the Nagas in getting their political problem solved during this Second ceasefire in the history of the Naga political struggle the ceasefire should not be converted into monkey business and the blame will certainly go to AR and not to NSCN if something really start going wrong.

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