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31st January 1, 2012


NSCN celebrated its 32nd NSCN Raising Day today the 31st January at its designated camp at Hebron with Chairman Isak Chishi Swu unfurling the Naga national flag. Chairman reminded the members that it was on this day that National Socialist Council of Nagalim was formed at Nokpa(Eastern Nagalim) after the failure of NNC to rise up to the occasion to save the nation by signing the infamous Shillong Accord. He said there terrible crisis after the Shillong Accord but God came to their rescue and shows them the way to form NSCN to spearhead the Naga struggle. During the subsequent period NSCN was able to win support in the home front as well as in the international level. The UNPO gave recognition and membership to NSCN in 1993 and other international contacts was also established. He fervently appealed to his members not to forget God and put our relationship with God a priority as this is the only way to save the nation.

General Secretary Th.Muivah also spoke on the function. He also reminded the members that it was on this day that correct decision was taken at the right time. He pointed out that when the British left India the Nagas under NNC took two decisions. First, Naga to be their own master, and secondly, Nagaland shall be “Nagaland for Christ”. With this the foundation of Nagalim was laid. Muivah however expresses his pain that the foundation is getting weak because of the sins of the members. He put throng emphasis on the need to make things right with God because our salvation is in the hands of God only.


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