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5th Dec.2011

 The statement of Manipur State Chief Minister O. Ibobi Singh that there are neither Nagas nor Kukis in Manipur state but only Manipuris in an insult to the Hills people and such statement can only come out from a person with the most abominable mindset of slave owner.

Historically speaking, O. Ibobi is right anyway, because the so called- Manipur territory is confined to the Imphal valley only and governed by their Maharaja while all the Hill territories outside the Imphal valley were governed by the respective village chiefs/Kings. While the Maharaja of the Manipur (Meitei) had signed the ‘Instrument of Accession on’ on 15th Oct. 1949 and became part of Union of India, the Nagas refused to join the Union of India. Since then, Nagas have been resisting Indian aggression.

Nagas respect the rights of the Meiteis (Manipuris) and extend their fullest support. However Meiteis have all along been opposing the issue of the Nagas. They should learn to mind their own business. if there is any issue between the Meiteis and the Nagas, we are prepared to resolved it amicably.

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