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Press Release on Military Change of Guard.

30th November 2011.

     Leadership comes and goes but the torch of liberation must be carried forward. Likewise, a time comes for a leader to retire so as to pave way for the next in line to lead the march. Thus, having served faithfully and whole heartedly for 37 years, 3 months and 18 days in the army, Lt.Gen.Ng. Markson, VC retired honorably from the military on 30th Nov.2011 and the mantle of Naga Army leadership fell upon Maj.Gen. Phungthing Shimrang hence by the orders of His Excellency Isak Chishi Swu, the YARUIWO. Meanwhile, Markson is appointed as the Chairman of Military Council, in the rank of a Cabinet.

           From a mere private soldier to the top position of Naga Army, Lt.Gen. Ng.Markson VC has certainly attained the status of a living legend. The details account of his invaluable contributions and achievements, have been well recorded in the book of Naga History. He is a committed worker. His total loyalty to the nation and his leadership is highly commendable. Recognizing his bravery in the battlefields and hard-earned achievements, he has been decorated with the highest military awards-Victory Cross. He shall always be remembered as one of the national heroes of the Nagas. We believe that he will serve the Nation in the Civil set up with equal spirit and commitment for the rest of his national service. May God bless him!

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  1. Dear Naga friends,

    It is OK for you to think whatever you want or whatever you want to do and I think you can get it. I appreciate your unity and courage for a common purpose and goal. I also admire for your hardship and patients towards the fulfillment of your dream and vision which was founded by a few of your respected former and present leaders. What more to say, you have every right to speak, demand and be fulfilled in a country like India.

    The people in the plain areas heard the gospel of Jesus Christ from you. People looked to you as the model of their spiritual life. Hundreds of people have been saved through your Christ-centered missions. People see you as blessed people as you grow in the Light of Christ, in His knowledge, in purity, in progress in many areas and as a result thousands of people began to see Christ through your life and acts. Many people were very hopeful that real peace and security will be restored in Manipur. Are you going to deny the above facts? If you really want to know as to how the things mentioned above happen through your generation, just try to remember of your forefathers especially the 12th fathers who made you to be such manifold channel of blessings through a man of God called William Pettigrew.

    I never hope that your 12th precious spiritual fathers would ever plant such a spirit of confusion and chaos in your lives. I trust that you were given birth to do the will of those respected fathers -the will that demands the spreading of the same Light to the people of Manipur and neighboring states. You are the salt as well as the light of the world (Matthew 5:13-16). Do you understand what you are doing now. It seems that you have been misled by some uncircumcised brothers of your own who guide you in this present issue like sheep but fully wolf inside. Instead of becoming the salt and light to the world, you have become terrible taste to thousands and you have become darkness towards them by compromising you integrity for the sake of just some perishable things like the so called
    Nagalim/Supra State Body. You know very well that the world is not ours (John 15:19) and we should not fight for it (1John 2:15-17). You are following the Prince of Peace and you are the peacemakers (Matthew 5:9), but now you are trying very hard to become a curse upon thousands of people by fighting for a selfish matter called Nagalim as if it were a God given property. We who follow Christ are nothing more than a spiritual Israel. You cannot become a physical Israel. If you do this your theology has been in need of a dire re-examination so that you may avoid of being extra-Biblical!

    I don’t know what God is planning for you, but please be sure of this that you have become a generation of shame towards those precious 12th forefathers who born and brought you up to be the salt and light of the world. Please be sure of this that you have become a curse upon thousands of people who are in need of Christ. Moreover, you have become stumbling block towards the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are crucifying Christ again and again by your deed of darkness. I love the Naga communities and in any sense I am not your enemy. This is an open message to you from a brother who came into the light of life through your Christ-centered mission. It is not a political issue as you think, but it is your spiritual issue. Stop your fasting and prayer for such Godless movement and wants, because your fasting and prayer has very special reasons (Isaiah 58:6-7). I feel that it is the time for you to repent and turn to God for His mercy and guidance. Stop leading your children into chaos and confusion, your children deserve better than that worldly wealth and property, because they have special higher calling. Teach your children on how to inherit the earth by using this eternal truth from Matthew 5:5.

    One of your well-wishers,

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