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8th November 2011.

         A contingent of Territorial Army led by Col. Shikar stormed into the place where Naga Army from Shongson Bn. were staying. Pingyon, a Territorial Army straight away shot at Lt. Chongam PRO of Shongson Battalion. However the bullet missed him by providence. Thereafter Naga Army personnel took immediate position for retaliation. However, in the instruction of their Commander Lt. Col. Alam Tsudir 2 i/c, Shongson Battalion. Naga Army our boys did not resorted to firing in respect of the ongoing Indo-Naga ceasefire. But so as to teach a lesson to the unwarranted provocation of the Territorial Army (TA), the Commander Col. Shikar was physically rough end up and his service arms were captured away. In his realization that it is not wise to fool around with the Naga Army, he apologized for having caused misance whereby in good faith his arms were returned and along with some of his boys were set free unconditionally.

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