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5th November,2011

For the convenience of administration the Zeliangrong Region of NSCN has been divided into three region-Makuilongdi Zeliangrong Region,Ashalu Zeliangrong Region and Zailad Zeliangrong Region.On 3rd November the Makuilongdi Zeliangrong Region was inaugurated at Tenning with Mr.V.Horam ,Kilonser,Ministry of Internal Security,GPRN as the Chief Guest.Present in the program are Chairman and Secretary from 47 villages,NGO  are represented by Liangmai Naga Council,Manipur,Liangmai Council Nagaland,Zeliangrong Baudi Vice President,Liangmai Pui Baudi(Manipur)Liangmai Arong,Nagaland,Gorkha Welfare Union,Manipur,Gorkha Block members,President,Southern Tamhazam Village Council,Senapati,Liangmai Naga Baptist Association(Manipur,Liangmai Baptist Association,Nagaland. and Liangmai Women organization.

Chief Guest V.Horam in his speech praise the people of Zeliangrong for their contribution towards the national cause. He reminded them they are one among the pioneers in the movement under the great leadership of Haipou Jadonang whose campaign against the British invasion of Nagalim left foot prints in the pages of Naga history in “golden letters”.”The seeds which were sown till his martyrdom on 29th August 1931 gave birth to thousands of Haipou Jadonangs and today we all stand proudly on his ground of “Naga Raj”,he added.

Horam salute the brothers and sisters of Zeliangrong who have given up their lives for the love of motherland.  This is given the fact that since 1990 till date the NSCN headquarters has been establised in the Zeliangrong territory.

Horam pointed out that the creation of Zeliangrong region into three regions was necessitated by the huge population and vastness of the area spread out into so-called Assam,Nagaland and Manipur states.Therefore, for the convenience of effective administration and good governance in this strategic area the three administative units was established. He dispel the confusion and doubt and assured the Zeliangrong people that it is never the intention of the government to either disintegrate the Zeliangrong region as a whole nor is it designed to effect the solidarity of the people.But it is a sincere effort of the government to devolve more power to Zeliangrong region.

Touching on the Indo-Naga political solution Horam said it is on the edge of finalization and NSCN had taken the stand that the solution must be based on the “political and historical rights” of the Nagas which is just and honorable.

On the Naga reconciliation issue he said it is the decision of the NSCN not to leave out anyone from the purview of the Indo-Naga solution.For that reason we have reconciled with Gen.(Retd)Khole led GPRN/NSCN and Brig,(Retd) Singnya led NNC at the highest level meeting facilitated by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation(FNR) and agreed to form one government whereby modalities are being discussed..He expresses gratefulness to the FNR for their sincere  effort for bringing warring groups together closer towards a common vision. He said all other groups should also listen to the clarion call of the people and fall in line while the best opportunity prevails, He mentioned that the government also fully acknowledges the Zeliangrong Elders” Forum of Peace Brokers for initiating peace  among the Naga groups operating in Zeliangrong area.

On the boiling issues in Manipur he minced no words to point out that the communal policies of the Meitei-majority Manipur state government towards the Nagas in particular and the tribals in general should be effectively countered.”The diabolical move to carve out new districts out of Naga territories such as Jiribam,Sadar Hills and others is a deliberate attempt to pitch one community against the other other  so as to fish in troubled water. Are we not duty bound to to protect our land and rights at whatever the costs?”

Mr. MK. Winning,Dy.Kilonser Kilo Affairs  who was the Guest of Honour assured that the National Workers under Makuilongdi  Zeliangrong shall stand by the principle and constitutional integrity of the GPRN to protect and defend the people and the cause.

Issued by MIP/GPRN


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