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Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim

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Press Release

  31st October,2011

Nothing is more criminal in the eye of the law when the keepers of law and order violate the law deliberately. And everything looks disgusting when disciplinary code of conduct is not maintained by the forces that has gained much notoriety than anything else. This is the sorry state of affairs when we talk of Assam Rifles. The October 24 incident in Senapati when ANSAM President was harassed, insulted and humiliated has come as big blow to the whole Nagas and we strongly condemn such unruly behaviour committed by Major Marathi. What is Assam Rifles Authorities upto when no disciplinary action is placed on such officer that has tarnished the image of the AR? This deceptive silence will naturally be construed as higher authorities indirectly(or directly) encouraging such display of high handedness to provoke the Nagas.


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