Press Release

Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim
Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release
21st Sept.2011

The fact that bomb blast took place again in Imphal on 14th Sept. indicates the increasing menace of social miscreants and the security department taken unaware. But what is most unfortunate is tendency of the state government to point towards National Socialist Council of
Nagalim as the culprits. But given the antagonistic attitude of the state government against the Nagas this is not surprising. It is however a matter of pitifulness for government that NSCN should always be targeted without any concrete evidence.

It is also a matter of shame that some media papers are playing destructive role in magnifying the bomb issue of Royal Hotel by linking NSCN. This is quite unbecoming of such papers who sacrificed media ethics to go against NSCN. This is no journalism as demanded by the
situation. It is the duty of the media to do its own investigation and prove anybody wrong. But simply to be carried away by the antagonistic propaganda emanating from the state government against NSCN is something that should not be repeated in future. The media should not help create confusion but help unearth the truth by acting in a more responsible manner It is better to win respect than to be looked at with suspect for coming short of people’s expectation.

Issued by MIP/GPRN

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