Press Release

21st July 2011

The NSCN is sadden by untimely demised of a brave and committed soldier,  Late, Col. Sisou Rhi on 21st July 2011 at 5 am in his resident, Jalukie Zangdi village, after prolong illness.
His funeral function was conducted at General Headquarter, Naga Army in the presence of Hon’ble Kilo Kilonser, Steering Members, Council of Kilonsers, Longvipu and distinguish rank & files of the NSCN and family members along with many other well wishers.  In the program His Excellency Yaruiwo, Isak Chishi Swu condolence message was read out by Mr. Kedutsii Tsuziih, Steering Executive and Longvipu, Naga Army and Adjutant General condonlence message was also read out subsequently.

The condolence message was also delivered by Kilo Kilonser, Mr. Rh. Raising, Longvipu, Naga Army, Lieut. Gen. Ng. Markson, President, Chakhesang Hoho Dimapur District, and many other well wishers both from the NSCN, civil societies and individual. The funeral was administered by Rev. Heutui, Pastor, CHQ, Hebron.

Issued By MIP

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