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Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim

Ministry of Information and Publicity

Press Release

16th July,2011

Nation cannot be saved by a person who propagate violence and who allowed him to be used by others as a mouth piece of
anti Naga underground groups, particularly the Meiteis. Unfortunately, this very person SS.Khaplang refused to be guided by the reality of the world where Nagas want lasting peace by establishing understanding and unity among the nationalist political parties and join the rest of the world with the identity that carried respect and honor. He stay put in the jungle based camp in the remote Eastern Nagalim where he commercialized giving shelter and base to all anti-Naga forces.  Ultimately he courted controversy and had to face the ignominy of getting impeached by his organization who has had enough of his irrational diktat. His brand of nationalism that is obsolete, brute and incorrigible failed to stand the test of time as the ethos of Naga nationalism are morally far superior to his nationalism. Moreover the typical character in him made himself too vulnerable to the voice of sycophants who came in the name of Manipuri insurgent groups but with strong anti Naga mindset.

Today, Khaplang group is out in the same usual game of misleading the public by giving wrong picture of the New Kothing
village in Tirap district when his forces attacked the Naga Army camp on 11th July. It was a surprise attack but Naga Army retaliated with lightning speed with many of the Khaplang boys wounded in the process and those killed carried away in hurry. The incident reminds us of the violent prone Khaplang group that attack and burn down Hazik and Phongshom village on 15th March in Easter Nagalim but putting the blame on NSCN. Khaplang felt no compunction in destroying the two Naga villages along with all the properties. This is Khaplang who want to solve the Naga problem through his archaic brand of nationalism and fratricidal violence.

Issued by MIP/GPRN

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