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It is known to all that the NSCN and GOI as two entities entered into a cease-fire agreement in 1997 for political dialogue in third countries. But talks in Delhi were held only when our collective leadership were invited by the GOI. This time again, our honourable Chairman Mr. Issac Chishi Swu have also come to Delhi to have mutual understanding and discussion for taking concrete step. The Naga people express their high appreciation and gratitude to the GOI for taking all the necessary troubles in making his trip save and sound in spite of hurdles here and there. At the same time, our people also express their unhappiness over their carrot and stick policy. While our collective leadership is accorded warm hero welcome, their subordinate leaders and officers are deliberately branded as criminals. To cite an example, Mr. Koningam, Deputy Kilonser and Maj. Gen. Ningkhan Shimray were arrested by the Indian armed forces while they were on their way to Delhi for talks on different occasions. It goes without saying that situation in Nagalim is being watched by the whole world.

However, the focal point is how and what kind of steps are going to be taken by the GOI vi-sa-vis the long-drawned current Indo-Naga peace process. We are afraid that indecisiveness in the talks will create more commotion, turmoil and breach of trust between the two parties. Solution reached at the expense of the Naga political and historical realities will also lead both the parties back to square one. In spite of all these apprehensions the Naga people hope and trust that GOI with utmost sincerity and strong political will take positive steps in the coming round of talks.

Issued by MIP

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