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17th December,2010

Forming a revolutionary group by certain persons with vested interests has been witnessed recently in Manipur. But at the end of the day it does not take much effort to identify the true motive behind such movement. Manipur Naga Revolutionary Front (MNRF) is one such group that has come into existence a couple of years back. But like a house on cards it is fast falling into pieces. The Chairman of the group Mr.Phanitphang who joined the NSCN reveals everything about the mess in MNRF in the absence of any political program other than going the way of a mercenary gang. According to him he is just one person among the many members who have just vanished, for there is no motivation to continue in the group. As confessed by him the group existed just in name with no members worth counting as bonafide members. The Vice Chairman also joins NSCN and the General Secretary Aleng is in panic now not knowing to which direction to head for. He counts himself fortunate being accepted by NSCN leadership.

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