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                                                 GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF NAGALIM

The ongoing reconciliation process among the different Naga political groups being spearheaded by the FNR and fully endorsed and agreed upon by the highest leaders of the different groups and in tune with the full commitment of the collective leadership, some of the likeminded leaders of the Chakhesang Community National workers from NSCN / GPRN,

GPRN / NSCN and NNC / FGN (Shingya) organized a goodwill get together in a form of a picnic on 6th November 2010 at Yoruba village to consummate through the spirit of reconciliation even at the grass root.

 However, it is strange that leaders such as Zhopra Vero and Alezo Venuh have been totally opposed to such positive initiative. On instigation all of a sudden the members of other groups began to act very aggressive and even threaten that we will not be allowed to go out of the Village and therefore the planned goodwill get together was not only rendered unfruitful but also created a wider gap among the Chakhesang community National workers of different political groups.

This incident clearly exposed the total opposition to the reconciliation of the Chakhesang community National workers by persons like Zhopra Vero of NNC / FGN and Alezo Venuh of GPRN / NSCN.

 Therefore, if there is any fallout in the present relative peace in the Chakhesang area Zhopra Vero and Alezo Venuh will be solely held responsible.

Hebron Date:6th November 2010.

Issued by:

Huphuyi Venuh

Dy.Kilonser, NSCN/GPRN

M.Akho Chuzho



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