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30th Oct.2010
A joint Council meeting of the Steering Committee Executives and the Cabinet Kilonsers held on the 29th Oct.2010, at Hebron in which the members made a threadbare and along drawn out deliberation on the current political situations at the home front.
As per the decision of the meeting, the NSCN sends message, loud and clear, to the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) that it is not doing enough to bring the reconciliation process it had initiated into a positive consummation. It had been agreed by parties concern and re-affirmed in several meetings that the unity and reconciliation should be based on the Historical and Political right of the Nagas. Further, it had been agreed upon that the highest level meeting to be attended by Chairman or President of the respective Organizations be held at the earliest possible time. But it is very much regretted that this kind of meeting could not be held on one pretext or the other. Therefore, the NSCN urges the FNR to avoid arranging social gatherings or the co-ordinations meetings for the time being, but only to fix their work for convening the highest level meeting at the earliest as agreed upon. Failing to fulfill / fructify the agreement or in the event of the breakdown of the reconciliation process, the NSCN will not be held responsible.
It is to be noted by the FNR and the Naga people that the NSCN had come down to the lowest ever standard for the sake of unity and reconciliation among Nagas in order to avoid further bloodshed among Naga brothers and put up a united strength and voice of the Nagas to adversaries. The NSCN is fully aware that some anti-Naga elements are fiercely and sleeplessly working to derail the unity and reconciliation process. But every Naga patriot should be vigilant and be on guard. Be it known to all that the NSCN / GPRN will never give up the rightful cause of the Nagas under any circumstances.
In the second place, it was the decision of the Council to send unequivocal message to Mr.Hokishe Yeptho, the President of Sumi Hoho, to stop his anti-Naga and anti-NSCN campaigns forthwith. The NSCN is closely watching his speeches, writings and his movements through which he tries to propagate his anti-national agenda among the Nagas and to divide the Nagas further to satiate his vested anti-Naga ambition.
In the third place, referring his so-called press meet on the 28th Oct.2010 at Khehoi Camp and other previous provocative statements, the NSCN urges Mr. Kughalu Molatonu, a child of yesterday and a novice in the Naga National movement, better to come to his sense and stop provocative speeches and actions. The NSCN men, big or small and the Nagas in general know full well that Kughalu is an agent of RAW & IB of the GoI. Kughalu has not yet ascertain even his tribal identity, whether he is Sumi or Yimchungru, how dare he attempts to speak the larger issue of the Nagas? He better listens and follows his prudent seniors. Naga National Politics cannot be measured in what he can write and speak English, a foreign language.

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