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7th July, 2010

As a continuation of ‘Good Will’ mission in Mokokchung area Ato Kilonser Th. Muivah went to Chuchuyimlang and held meeting with the people of Langpangkong and the neighbouring Phom. Significantly, Lima, the Pastor of Chuchuyimlang Baptist Church in his invocation prayer said, “We need peace and unity among the Nagas and we need freedom .But there can be no freedom without unity.” He seek the blessing of God upon the Nagas to understand together for a meaningful reconciliation.

Giving a short speech Mr.T.Nukshi, President LTM, said that while Nagas must come understand together for reconciliation the Nagas should be proud of being the longest freedom struggling people in the world and never bow down to give up our rights.

“There is a feeling of pride in meeting you, especially the dance troupe who turned up in traditional costume. We respect you and will not forget you.” said Muivah. He talk about how the name Nagas was given by the British when they came from Burma and met the Shan people who described the Nagas as people who decorated their ears.

He addresses the people saying that in this changing world the Nagas must take the best decision. Otherwise, there is danger for the Nagas. In this connection he reminded the people about the historical facts of the NNC period when the best decision was taken at the right time by Phizo, Imkongmeren, R.Sakhrie, Kughato Sukhai, Khodao and others to assert the separate identity of Naga independent and not to subject themselves to India. Under NNC’s political wisdom the Nagas refused to toe the line of the Assamese, Khasis, Meiteis, Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad etc to be a part of Indian union. Thus had there been no NNC Nagas would have been a lost people. Muivah thank God for guiding the NNC.
He goes on to assert that the land of the Nagas is given by God and not by India, and God has a purpose for the Nagas. God gave the Nagas the land, history and rights. There should be no confusion about this. But if Nagas fail to understand this there will be problem. He touched on the point that the problem with India has to be set aside and the problem among the Nagas must be solved first.

On the Naga reconciliation he stressed on the points that Nagas as Christians must accept reconciliation as the will of God, and therefore, reconciliation should be in the name of God. On Naga political solution he said that it should be on the basis of Naga historical fact as recognized by government of India and not under the constitution of India. The interest of NNC or Khaplang nor the interest of Isak-Muivah should be allowed to come in between, he added
Muivah explained to the people that the futile attempt to crush the Nagas begun during the time of Nehru, but the Nagas stood their ground for more than 60 years. And ultimately the use of force to solve Naga problem was given up by India. During the peace talks with India Muivah has to warned government of India representative Padmanabhaiah not to repeat the mistakes of Nehru.”We must stand by what is given by God, and if we cannot take this decision we are lost people. And this is the greatest danger.” he said. He also explained that in this particular juncture the Nagas cannot afford to stay neutral between right and wrong.

The Shillong Accord of 1975 as the biggest mistake in the political struggle of the Naga history and beginning of the conflict among the Nagas was also narrated in detail. He said that anything that goes against the national decision has never done good for the Nagas.He reminded the words of Assam Governor LP.Singh who said,” the Longest insurgency problem in Southeast Asia is solved once and for all.” But he was proved wrong by the Nagas who stood their ground for the right of the Nagas.

Muivah said that to create problem among the Nagas by the Nagas is the biggest weakness of the Nagas, and this must be done away with. And time has come to understand each other.

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