Prayer and Fasting request

Greeting in Jesus most blessed name from CNC Office to all the denominations, Executive Secretaries /Directors, Pastors, Catechist, prayer Cells and all the believers in Nagalim.

I on behalf of the CNC Office I would like to thank all for your prayer support in the past. It is through your prayers that the talks are in progress on the right direction.  In the past there might have been so many excesses in the work done by our national workers which might have displeased the public as well as individuals. I hereby tender my apologies and beg your pardon for our past mistakes.

Today the CNC would like to humbly request for your continual prayer support.

Let’s look back at the life of the Israelites in Ezekiel 37:15-28. Where God instructed Ezekiel to take one wooden stick and to write on it the words “The kingdom of Judah” and to take another stick and write on it the words, “The Kingdom of Israel”. He was told to hold the two sticks together so that they might look like one stick.  In the hand of God the two kingdoms became one kingdom.

In the same way God wants the Naga people to be united around Him.

Therefore, the CNC humbly request you all to kindly pray and fast for our Naga Nation on this coming Sunday 4th
September, 2011. The timing of the Council headquarters Hebron is 8:00 – 12:00 noon.

Prayer points:

1.  Sins of the Nagas.

2. Naga Reconciliation and Unity.

3. Indian authorities.

4. Collective Leadership.

5. Naga public Leaders and Church Leaders.

6. Early political solution.

The Collective Leadership has directed that the Steering Committee Members, all the Council of Kilonsers, Tatars and Secretariat staff s should come to the Council Headquarter Church Hebron for fasting and prayer.

All brigades/battalions/Units or regional offices are requested to conduct fasting and prayer in their respective places.






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