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Ministry of Information and Publicity.


1st  MARCH 2015.

The unresolved case between the Union Government of India and the Naga will soon come to a negotiated and honorable conclusion. Government of India truly admits ‘futility of seeking military solution’. Both parties have become more committed and mature to foresee a shared future, understands possible fall-outs should the negotiation fail, as well. In spite of disruptive designs constantly hurled at by vested interest people to upset the progress of political talks, Government of India with wisdom has reconnoitered the nature of the case in order to experience fulfillment of strenuous dialogue.

It is very unfortunate that some unreasonable and vested interest groups and agencies have been actively operating in this part of the region along the rail head corridor and the National High Way 53. It is also seriously observed that certain agencies are in association with criminal orders and their unlawful activities in order to achieve result towards their selfish ambition. Under this infatuated influence, the entire populace in the Zeliangrong Region is often kept as hostage and human shields while the ruffians celebrate their achievements involving dangerous threat to innocent citizens and serious human rights situations all over. There is already a disgraceful failure of administration and law enforcing in this part of the region. Reasonable people can very well decipher their momentarily wrapped schemes and the duration of their happy moments as they unabatedly churn out resources through illegitimately propelled mercenaries.

Launching an operation code named ‘Operation Tharon Cave Warren’ is never directed to promote violence; neither is this the interest of ‘some vested interest tribe, group or individuals’. It has come to the glaring notice of observing people that there is active collaboration between illicit fronts and state law enforcing agencies who have taken the law into their own hands while print media in this part of the region are churning out misinformation and deceptive messages.

Based on the first hand reports from the victims, there are malignant and highly unlawful actions perpetrated by hordes of outlawed orders/fronts over the bloody nose of state law enforcing agencies since many years ago. An offshoot under the name and style of Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF), a collection of discards but highly motivated has been operative in the region. Actions of this criminal front are often wrapped, stage-managed and protected by their benefactors. Victims’ personal testimonies are not what they announced through Imphal-based print media ‘baseless’; they are there for keeps and to be promptly produced when needed. Many rape cases are not reported for fear of being shot-at-sight. FIRs submitted to police stations for registering cases have been leisurely dumped saying,” will the undergrounds answer summon of police?”

Intimidations, loot, taxation, rape, shooting, killings have kept the total populace under their cold grip. Almost the entire Tamenglong district is under unwarranted combined law of ZUF and its supporters. Just count how many Indian army Brigade, battalions or units are operative besides Manipur state law agencies. The answer to this question is amply supplied by the count itself. Why this long the existence of these orders? Are not they sponsored? If not, where is the law? Is not this a big insult to such a gigantic military system and the best discipline such as India’s? To protect land and the lives of the citizens is the job of every defense system.

Naga army can never appreciate highly biased and communal printed news and offensive TV news to supply destructive messages to keep the larger world misinformed of what is literally happening in and around Naga inhabited lands, lands they covet and promulgate all kinds of land laws. Shamelessly robbed and acquired wealth can insinuate some people sometimes. They can never fool all the people at all time. We will ever love to take the responsibility of protecting our land and its people, come what may.



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