Dated Tahamzam: 2ND June 2010.

The arrest warrant issued to nine (9) leaders of Tangkhul mass based organisations directly from Mr. Ibobi Singh, Chief Minister, is nothing but to create another intentional war like situation in Ukhrul by the communal Government of Manipur. This kind of continuous confrontational approach will not cow down the Naga spirit and their dignity as free people. We have severed our ties with the Communal Government of Manipur. We have made it clear and loud that we are different now. We are for ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENT. Therefore, any kind of aggression either in the psychological or physical form will be confronted in any cost. We have our own land and we don’t need your sympathy or empathy for we are a people who can stand by ourselves. Sorry Ibobi you are on wrong footing.

And with due respect to Kullabidhu, ex-MP and President JDS, K. Sharatkumar, General Secretary of NCP, Kim Gangte ex-MP and State representative of Trinamool Congress, L. Basanta Publicity Wing BJP, L. Tomba-MSCP, Sarat Salam-CPI (M) K. Kumarjit Vice President RJD, S. Sotinkumar-CPI, Gyneshwor-AIFB, T. Mangi Babu Vice President Congress and Kh. Ibomcha General Secretary of Manipur Peoples’ Party (MPP), taking the name of National Political Parties of India, having a joint meeting with UCM ( Communal Meitei Organisation) is against the conscience of any rational human being.

With the status of your experience and rationality, people expect much more than repairing road for next election at the expense of truth. The answer lies not in Delhi but within you. A confused person or people have no place on this earth. Explicit collaboration with Ibobi Singh and his (Dalal) UCM whom the Naga have declared as ‘Killer’ and ‘Terrorist’ is not what any sensible parties leaders would do. And also associating with those responsible for the brutal murder of two students Loshou and Chakho besides making hundreds of women their shooting targets and humiliating hundreds of innocent people by assaulting them with rifle butts during the peaceful rally in Mao gate on 6th may 2010 is a crime against any humanity.

Any sane national political party will not collude with the communal Organisation like UCM and it is unimaginable that a high power delegation visit to New Delhi is being plan with such communal forces. Reaching out to power corridor in New Delhi with a mask of Holier than Thou attitude will be mockery, misleading and will be answerable to their own people for wrapping the whole truth for personal benefits.

The joint resolution clearly explains how the national party’s names can be diluted into communal forces for ones own personal glorification. We have not forgotten when this Communal force, the UCM issued unofficial quit notice to Nagas in 2001 and looted all the properties of Naga houses, along with police commandos/IRB and MR who were leading the burning down of Naga Minister’s and MLA quarters. Now, the valley based underground RPF backed by UCM has issued quit notice with 30th May 2010 as deadline to non Manipuri like Bihari, Bengali, Oriya, South Indian, Nepali, Assamese and others, which has resulted in a massive exodus. We have all living eye witnesses and evidence as how, many low income families (labours) were assisted for ferrying from Senapati to Mao Gate and to Dimapur by Mao Students’ Union, Mao Council, ANSAM and NPO for their necessary logistic support. Nagas are low profile people unlike Communal forces who glorify one deed into ten times through valley based controlled media from Imphal.

Some questions for the respected political leaders representative who are in the making to enter Manipur Assembly Secretariat.

Answer the following queries:-
(1) 12% deduction as contingency from Hill Areas development fund routed to all Valley based Underground groups.
(2) Selling of development work order for the hill areas obtained from Ministers by Meitei Underground to tribal people.
(3) Rs. 1000 crore poured into only Imphal valley and no single paise to the Hill areas when National Game was hosted.
(4) Arbitrary cabinet decision to choose the site of Indira Gandhi Tribal University without consulting Tribals (Hills Areas Committee) at Sekmai ( Meitei Areas).
(5) Rs. 300 crore sanctioned by Union Ministry for Ukhrul-Tadubi road, which Ibobi and work Minister Ranjit diverted to their constituency.
(6) Churachandpur Mini secretariat under ACA/SPA funding was diverted to Chief Minister and work minister Mr. Ranjit constituency in 2007.
(7) Dividing into 20(twenty) section work orders the Imphal-Tamenglong road, of which Chief Minister and his Work Minister reserved 8(Eight) sections for their brothers and family members and rest to 3 (three) Local MLAs. The final payment has already been made. But the big question is- is it motor able now?
(8) In State government service sector 80% are occupied by Meities and only 20% by the Tribals.
(9) 100 % Electrification, blacktopped roads, telecommunication connectivity, safe drinking water, Health care, Education, so on and so forth – all in place in the Imphal valley. But the Tribal areas in Hills remain blacked out in all fields.
(10) Under rural funding and utilization, is the Taipaimuk area in Churachandpur or Tamenglong in anyway comparable with the Meities areas in valley?
(11) In the whole of Manipur University there is only 2 (two) tribal lecturers and only 7.5% seat is allotted to tribal for higher studies and post creation.
(12) Only 4 grade posts like sweeper are given in Manipur University to Tribals to cover up for the 7.5% reserved quota.
(13) Tribal Inspector General of Police, Mr. Thangthaum Paite IPS, was murdered to pave way for a Meitei Officer for the DGP post, in reference of which which even Mr. Ved Verma, former Governor of Manipur wrote in the Times of India that in Manipur state, junior police officers can kill senior Officer.
(14) All together 3(Three) Meiteis who are not even direct IPS have been made DGP.
(15) Now one junior Meitei IPS is made DGP superseding senior tribal IPS officer who is now posted as OSD with one table and chair in small room.
(16) In the recent recruitment of teachers under the district councils of the hills, 552 posts out of 1600 reserved vacant posts have been given to Meiteis.

(17) Tribal welfare Office, which is reserved for scheduled caste and scheduled tribes only, yet Ibobi Singh has deputed one Meitei, Mr Rajendro in the rank of deputy director as over all incharge of schemes and functions of department which is against the established norms.
(18) Many teachers under Education dept. are given to Meiteis for Hill areas and almost 100% of them have been transferred with post to the valley with some excuse leaving behind just 3 to 4 teacher in all school. Is this justice?
(19) In the Tourism Map, only Imphal valley is projected and there is total black out of tribal areas. The RAP (restricted area permit) permits visits to Imphal valley and passage on the National highway 39 alone, as if the tribal areas are high security risk zone with savage people, while the communal State Government glorifies the Imphal valley with the year filled tourist calendar filled with mimicked cultural items performed by chauvinistic Meiteis.
(20) The State Bank of India (SBI) was disallowed to open its branches through a letter by Chief Secretary, Govt. of Manipur stating that security will not be provided by the state even when the Reserve Bank of India had granted permission for opening of SBI branches in Ukhrul and Tamenglong.
(21) Misusing Doordarshan, FM channel and AIR to impose only Manipuri language on the entire population for most of the transmission time whereas Tribals are given slots long enough for just a song.

We can go on and on. Is this Justice to your slogan of equal humanity? Have you all ever thought of the root causes? Why do flames appear so often? Have you all ever thought of how tribal are squeezed out from Imphal, the nucleus of Power? We hope that all those responsible persons representing different political parties who talks of only the EFFECTS of the conflict in Manipur and planning to go to Delhi to champion the suffering of the valley people would answer the above before leaving with UCM with a Holier than Thou mask.

The Naga are clear about our 70 years of struggle with blood and tears, which has cost us thousands of lives, women maimed, houses and granaries burned, put in concentration Camp etc. The movement is not about hating Meiteis or threat to co-existence or uprooting the Nagas homeland in the present state of Manipur and planting somewhere be it in Nagaland state, Assam or Eastern Nagaland. It is about our inherent right as a people to live together with dignity as much as other people around the world. Our severing of ties with the Communal government of Manipur is to preserve our identity, culture, custom and tradition and right to dignity of life. Our concern here is that the Nagas in Manipur should not be used as a shield in the name of nationalism by any organisations or individuals for their own narrow benefit or interest.

We appeal all sensible Tribal not to be swayed away by cheap propagandas through Communal forces who are paid to go around daily in the streets creating confusions. You will have to decide your future by yourself lest the younger generation holds you accountable. Let the bell of freedom ring all over for those who are oppressed and suppressed. Come out and break the chain of suppression. You are created by our lord equally. Know Thyself. Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free. Don’t sing the song of peace and freedom in chains. Remove the oppressor leg from your neck and resist those who preach to you to suffer in Peace.
“The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”.
-Steven Biko

( M.Dosopuwa)
Investigation & Publicity.
Naga Youth Front.

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