NSCN/GPRN on memorandum by Action Committee of Ao Senden

June 30, 2011:

This is with reference to the Memorandum submitted by the Action Committee of the Ao Senden to the Collective Leadership of NSCN against the assassination bid on the life of Ms.M.Imtila Jamir. Expressing our concern over the issue we have the courtesy to say that NSCN fully respect the sentiments of the Ao people as well as the sentiments of the other Naga civil societies. But NSCN is equally sensitive when the issue is taken a little too far despite the assurance given by NSCN that it will spare no effort to track down the main culprit and to give him a befitting punishment. But for the crime committed by the two rogue elements that happened to belong to NSCN things should not have been driven too far as the NSCN authorities are not connected in any manner whatsoever with the two cadres who initiated the shameful act in their own individual capacity.
NSCN will never stoop that low to organise such crime. But it is unfortunate that the crime was committed with the arms stolen from the senior member of NSCN. This is a matter of regret.

In the earlier occasions we have already spelled out our grave concern that crime of such nature against women will never be condone with. And accordingly, we have been pursuing the matter diligently, determined to get hold of the culprit who is on the run..But it has to be
understood that to arrest such criminal takes time. However, NSCN will never allow such reckless crime to go unpunished.

It is to be mentioned that just after the incident NSCN had a meeting over the issue and unanimously took the stand that this kind of criminal act deserve severest punishment and should be condemned by all who respect Naga cultural values. All the member expresses their unhappiness over the life bid on Imtila. Going further NSCN authorities dispatch its representatives to meet Ms. M.Imtila and consoled her. NSCN also met Ao Senden and NMA.

In the matter of doing justice by trail we have made our stand very clear. that if the culprit Worshim is caught by us he shall be put on trail as per the law of NSCN/GPRN.But if he is caught by the state police or any security agencies NSCN will  exhibit no  reservation against being put on trail under Indian Penal Code.

The consternation of the Ao people is quite understandable. It is however our desire that the matter should not be allowed to go cancerous to give room for others to fish in the troubled water. Diabolic is the crime against woman. But going ballistic against NSCN with political
overtones and sting of communalism is best forbear with given the effort being put by the NSCN to bring justice.

All said and done the NSCN is doing everything possible to handle the matter judiciously and see to it that disposition of justice is done at the earliest. Therefore, no matter how crucifying it has become for NSCN for the folly committed by its two individual rogue elements there is no question of NSCN making any excuse to shy away from doing what is expected by the people.

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  1. this is not the only things that has happen….there are also many atrocities done to the public by the NSCN for their own interest… go see in manipur where there is lack of civil organisation… since the public cannot voice up they are kept in silence under the barrel of gun.

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