NSCN (IM) Kuki Tribal Union rejoinder to Kuki state demand

We are all struck dumb with amazement to see the so called  corrected’’ Proposed Map of Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC)” and published in the Morung Express on Thursday, ,15th November 2012. According to this proposed map, the KSDC claim almost all the Naga territory of the present Manipur state as the “Kuki traditional territory, “What a fallacious hypothesis it is.!  I, the undersigned am kuki hailing from Ukhrul District and we have been living together in peace and harmony with mutual understanding. Moreover, we vividly remember the gratuitous relief fund paid to Kukis in the late 50’s. So our political philosophy should be to live peaceably with the Nagas as a fraternal society sharing everything with them on equal terms. Please don’t sow the seed of communal hatred amongst us.

Again the more surprising points of their claim is that they have launched bandh indefinitely in Manipur State claiming to continue till the Gov’t of India (GOI)gives a written assurance for political dialogue with their representative inclusive of the SoO signatories. Whereas, the GOI and the GOM had not only given  written assurance for talks with you, but had  also arrived at an agreement with you on the day of signing the SoO that no Kuki Homeland or Kuki state be demanded, You have closed the chapter of Kuki State or Homeland already on that very day. So what you have burried this morning should not be exhumed in the evening. It is too illogical. Don’t break the time honoured traditional mind-set of the Kukis.
The sensible Kukis are well aware of the prevailing political situation around us that the Gov’t of Manipur and for that matter the Centre Gov’t are unable to concede even to the demand of Sadar Hills Revenue District for some impregnable reasons behind So don’t create troubles for trouble’s sake. Don’t forget the saying,” The trouble he causes recoils on himself; his violence comes down on his own head.” The movement of a handful Kuki like you is tantamount to a baby crying for the moon.
Now, the vexed issue of Indo-Naga political dispute is on the verge of solution. But know that there are some persons who are deadly against the solution on this or that pretext trying to widen the gulf of differences. They are lurking around to block the path to destiny. Don’t be a party to them, lest you should be swallowed up.
Dear KSDC member, the world is not that easy as you presume. It is high time for us to ascertain who is who and what is what. So, the biblical warning,’’ Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your fore fathers,” is worth remembering at this point of time. Choose the right path of living not of the dying.

President, Kuki Tribal 


3 Replies to “NSCN (IM) Kuki Tribal Union rejoinder to Kuki state demand”

  1. Lh. Paohao President, Kuki Tribal Union NSCN/GPRN.
    You are in Wrong Organisation..

    You should be president NAGA tribal Union NSCN/GPRN..

  2. mr paohao how much you have paid for standing against your own tribe? lets all united as one and fight for a state. lets nt comit da same thing dt our forfathrs had dne othrwse in futre we ve to setl in space.we shld learn frm da past n presnt. dos hu (kukiß) suports nscn-im dy shld b kick ot frm da society

  3. united we stand, divided we fall’ i just want to cut you into pieces and throw you at the HEBRON gate

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