Nagas react on neglect

A Naga International Support Center, NISC

Press Release, April 30 2012

In a published article in the local newspapers the Naga National Council rightfully reminded Prince Andrew about the neglect of the United Kingdom concerning the right to self determination of the Naga Peoples. Though already in 1929 their leaders told the visiting Simon Commission that they wanted to be free when the British would leave, the British turned them over to the emerging Union of India even though it knew that it had no control over a large part of the Naga areas.

These areas were called Unadministered Areas by them which were inhabited by the Free Nagas and were comprised of more than two-third of what is reunified Nagaland (not the present relatively small Nagaland State in India). Reunified Nagaland means reunification with Naga ancestral areas of Myanmar and with the Nagas of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur, all states in India founded long after the Indo-Naga conflict began.

The Nagas, still administratively separated in four states, would like Prince Andrew to know about this and through him the people and politicians of the United Kingdom who bear responsibility if only in retrospect.

Hence Nagas while Prince Andrew visits the Kohima Second World War Cemetery to pay his respect to fallen British soldiers, but with the acclaimed help of Naga soldiers many more survived, want the British to intervene in the Indo-Naga conflict as it should tell India how and what exactly has been transferred to it but without the consent of the Nagas themselves.

A demonstration on this May ONE labor day will drive these points home; home to the UK.

By publishing this statement on the auspicious Queens Day of the Netherlands where the FREE market draws millions of Dutch, the Naga International Support Center, Amsterdam, reminds Prince Andrew of Britain on the issue of post colonial accountability the Dutch also lacked to follow up on. Not only the Dutch or the British but practical all colonizing nations suffer from this lack of responsibility.


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