Condemnation Press Note

The 12th June, 2010
Press note:

The declaration of 2 (two) renowned Naga leaders namely, David Choro (Prez-ANSAM) & Samson Remei (Prez-UNC) by Ibobi Led-Govt., is unethical and irresponsible thereby inviting more tension between the hills tribal and valley people especially the Meiteis.
Reference can be recalled how the “Meitei Mayek/Manipuri Language” was included in 8th scheduled with the support of the tribals. Then, how come the Economic-Blockade” against ADC Elections, 2010 under ADC Amendment Act, 2008 be not understood and support by the Meiteis when tribals oppose to it? Is there “give and take” co-existence? lNo, which means the tribals are deprived of thin rights over landownership & decision making.
In the 21st Century, when globalization and environment issues have caused great concern, here a tiny Manipur Govt. plays “carrot and stick policy” towards tribals especially Nagas. However, Meiteis fail to know that Nagas have come to political dialogue with GOI and even UN knows it. The heinous Ibobi-Govt. plays communal politics through state armed forces and decision “WANTED TAGS” is means to disturb Naga peace loving society.
Therefore, it is deemed fit to endorse the UNC ultimatum from GOM, failing which Nagas will not remain silent.

President, LNKK
Lamkang Naga Union

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